Magpul AFG2 Will it fit?

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by gg1985, Feb 3, 2016.

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    Hey everybody,
    I am brand new to the forum. I am purchasing the 9mm carbine in the next couple of weeks. I have one question, if someone can help me out. Will the Magpul AFG2 fit the weaver rail system? Or will I have to switch it out to the picatinny rail? I have seen a bunch of pictures with these grips on the carbine. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.
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    I have fitted generic AFG 1 and 2 to my HP carbines, and I had to narrow
    the rail slightly to get the AFG to close up fully. 2 minutes on a bench
    grinder, and it cleans up easily with simple wiping of the "crumbs" :D
    Not sure if a MagPul will fit any better, I doubt it. But some report
    that they fit with no mods. All of my carbines are newer, 3 years
    old or less. If you want a true PIC Rail, check out these :D

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    Sweet! thank you for your help. I'll most likely try my luck with grinding it first. If I fail at that, I now know there is a permanent solution.

    Thanks again
  4. I installed a Magpul AFG-2 on the fore end of my 4095TS. As others have pointed out, the retention bolts that come with the AFG-2 are a hair bit wide to easily pass between the plastic ribs.

    I didn't grind the ribs on mine. I just twisted the suckers in there with a tad more elbow grease, and they went in just fine. Now, don't ask me about ever taking it off .. LOL

    I do love that thing, though. Gives the rifle a perfect feel and grip.