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  1. Hi all just wondering if hi point warrantys there mags? i had bought an extra 995 mag yes it is a 10rnd factory mag and the thing broke the first time i loaded it!! i was wondering if this has happened to anyone else if so give me a shout and let me know what you did. Thanks -Bob
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    Send it back!

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    Yes, they do. I have sent some back for exchange, no problem.
    Just send it back with the broken parts (they like to have broken parts for failure evaluation).
    Be sure to include a note with what gun it is from and your shipping return info and you will get a new mag right away.
    Mine took about a week.
  4. I had one bad 8rd mag for my C9 in April 06, called Beemiller and they sent me a new mag in about 4 days. I sent the bad one back with a note explaining the problems I was having with it and that they had already sent me a replacement mag.
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    I had a bad mag with my 995 but I managed to "fix" it with just stacking the broken springs on top each other.

    I still have some stovepipes when I test fired it with my red dot sight though.