MagSafe swat ammo?

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by Andrew5stars, Jul 20, 2014.

  1. Andrew5stars

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    I'm wondering if anyone has tried this MagSafe swat ammo in a hi point. If so what were the results?

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  2. SWAGA

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    That's $2/round bro......
    I can shoot four(4!) regular .45 FMJ for the price of one of those.

    * personal opinion alert *

    Unless I'm reading a glorious review by an 'independent' reviewer that I trust this is all hyped wonder ammo to me.

  3. geekandwife

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    Not only that Swaga, but it doesn't penetrate worth a darn, If you want something to blow up a watermellon, its cool stuff. But its cheaper to make a wax slug and just play with it in a shotgun...
  4. OK so I haven't tired magsafe ammo because its way to pricey but I do reload so I made my own. Took some speer gold dots and melted out the lead core so it was a empty jacket and filled it with number 3 lead shot.

    Penetration in water jugs were 3 jugs deep with most of the bb's being in jug 2 if I remembe right.

    I think ballistically they out preform your standard hollow point because they hit like a fmj but spread like a shotshell inside and the wide deep spread is much for likely to hit something vital.

    If they ever come down to the price of speer gold dots or the pdx1 I'll buy them but till then I'll stick to the standard stuff. Shot placement will always be king no matter the round.
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