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  1. Has anyone ever used magtech ammo for HD Guy at the gun store said their a good HD round so I picked up a box of 20 of the guardian gold series +p115gr jhp gonna try them next week at the round
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    I have used thier ammo, although for my JHP: 230gr FMJ ammo.
    It shot a little dirty...but I still use it.

  3. I've used Magtech and have no complaints.

    In my reloading I use two different bullets, the cheapest lead bullets I can find for plinking and Magtech for my "good" reloads, I'm very satisfied with their bullets.

    As for their loaded ammo, so what if it's a bit dirty. My Bullseye is dirty also but it works well.

    I do like Mag Tech but for SD I use Golden Sabers in the ,45 and Gold Dots in the 9mm.
  4. vallen

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    Magtech is pretty good stuff. I have not shot much of the HP, but I shoot the FMJ all the time, no complaints.
  5. I have used a good bit of MagTech FMJ in 9mm and .380 at the range and didnt have any problems with it in my pistols. I found this ammo to shoot much cleaner than Independence or Remington UMC brands. MT left no burned/unburned powder flake fouling in my pistols like Independence does, and the soot fouling was a bit cleaner than Rem UMC's.

    The only JHP MT loads I have shot were in .380ACP and I had no issues with it in the wife's Bersa Thunder or my Davis P380. My local dealers carry two different MT JHP loads, one is a pointy type (small JHP opening) 95gr bullet and the other a wider (more traditional size opening) 87gr JHP bullet.

  6. I used some MagTech in .357 for my revolver. I didn't like it. Stuff just felt cheap. I don't think I'll be buying it again.
  7. Ari

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    I have shot some and so far I like it
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    Shot it in .45 ACP (ecellent) and .357 magnum (not so great). The .357 seemed underpowered compared to federal and winchester. It was accurate but not what i was expecting from a JHP ,357 round.

  9. Actually, on second thought, I think that I went to the store and looked at MagTech ammo, and then when I came back to actually buy it, they didn't have any left so I got something else. So I have no idea if I've ever shot MagTech. Disregard my earlier statement.