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    Ok so at least 6 months ago I ordered sights for my JHP 45 and my C9 and I finally got around to putting them on. Why did I wait so long quality is great sighting in was easy and wow are the stable. Anyway I just wanted to say thanks to David Mahan for making a great sight. I start with my 45 and it took 5 rounds to dial it in then with the C9 3 rounds and it was on. I know the information is all over the board for these sights however, if your interested here is the website. :D
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    What did they cost
    There is no pricing that I can find anywhere on the site

  3. DPayton

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    Don't quote me but I think it was 30 or 35 with shipping each. The website is now saying $40 just contact him and ask for sure. He is a really nice guy and down to earth.
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    I bought some Mahan Sights for both my C-9 and my JHP they work great and I never have to worry about the Mahan metal sights geting crushed like the plastic factory sights.
    I'm a very happy customer and recommend his sights.
    it a low price improvement to the affordable HP pistols.
    He has videos on youtube talking about his sights.
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  5. bws

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    I've been talking to him regularly, they're 40 bucks a pop. They're worth their weight in gold. I just installed sets on all 3 of my pistols, they're rigid as hell and they work phenomenally.
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    I just received mine yesterday and installed them without any issues. I am very pleased with the sights but even happier with the hassle free transaction. David provided excellent instructions and kept me informed of when the sights were shipped and provided a tracking number. These are top notch sights and I don't see how he can sell them for just $40 with shipping included.