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  1. Hi-Point after market equipment is a pretty small world and there are only a few people making all the little bits to upgrade our guns. I was having numerous problems with my stock Hi-Point sights on my CF380. Rather than chase the problem more than I already had, I opted to give Mahan Sights a try.

    The ordering was quick an painless, the price of $40 shipped was affordable, and the resulting product is well made and well designed.

    The Mahan Sight is a drop-in replacement for the stock rear sights on all HP pistols. The installation is easy but you need to keep an eye on the adjustment pistons, they are very small and I had one try to do a runner on me by jumping out of the sight and rolling away.

    If I had one suggestion for an improvement for the sights it would be to add a color dot on the rear face of the posts, similar to the appearance of the stock HP sights. But despite that I am very happy with the Mahan kit and look forward to taking my CF380 out to the range. If you are looking for an easy upgrade for your HP pistol Mahan is a very good option.
  2. Thanks to both Mr. Mahan for making these sights and for those of you that posted positive reviews of the sights.

    I have 2 CF380s - one had no issues - hitting bull-eyes with it when I paid attention to stance, breathing, etc. The other - OMG - what junk or I'm just not doing something right.

    I figured the money spent would be worth it if the Mahan sights could fix my 2nd 380. And the Mahan sights did the job. Two adjustments at the range and I was hitting around the bull-eyes finally. I'll probably order a set for my 1st CF380 just so each is the same.

    Thanks all!
    (Note - all the rounds not in green were first attempt at one-handed shooting)


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    I saw this recently and shared it with David Mahan.

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