"Mail Order" Gunsmithing Classes?

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    I've been having a lot of fun adding new stocks and "drop in" parts to some of firearms in the last few months. Nothing terribly technical, just swapping parts and what not. Real Skill Level 1, if you get my drift.

    I'm somewhat encouraged to learn a little intermediate gunsmithing. My job and general location (Butthole, Ky) precludes me from finding an actual class or mentor, so I'm interested in taking a long distance course. Has anybody had any experience with distance learning gunsmithing courses? Any opinions or observations? Is Sally Struthers lying to me?
  2. interesting town browwiw.......

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    I took three internet based college courses and found it was not the same at all. I need to see it applied and actually hands on it to grasp the idea's & theories better. See what the others say but it did not work for me. Also the three internet college classes I took were: Micro & Macro Economics & psychology. I should have taken them in a class but didn't have the schedule to fill the times they were given. Ask at your local gun range for an old timer gunsmith. I am sure they would be flattered if you ask them for expertise and would be willing to teach you.
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    I can only speak for the AGI (American Gunsmithing Institute) videos. If you're wanting to build, or lean about a particular gun, their videos are very good.

    I think they have a general gun smithing course video set as well.
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    Obviously, the name of my home town is not "Butthole", but if Kentucky had an anus we'd be a dingleberry. 3,000 souls, a full 1/4 of which live in Section-8 housing. We have more deer per acre than humans.

    As for the 'old-timers' at the range, too many have absentmindedly point a weapon at me while chatting away for to ever trust any of them. The last century's abolishment of child labor and lead-paint has made getting to an old age no longer a mark of distinction.

    But I digress.

    Mostly, I just want something to fill my evenings for a couple month and give me a nice low-grade sense of accomplishment. A little intermediate level gunsmithing sounds fun. Maybe I should learn to play the guitar.
  6. If you want to take an Online course in gunsmithing Penn Foster has one that they offer. I am planning on taking this course, but with my tuition assistance through the USAF it will be free for me. I don't know how much it will cost, but it's an idea.

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    Hey Primal,
    I'm finishing up that course, and I have to say that I've yet to be impressed. If you're getting it for free, it might be worth it, but I would have been happier using the $700 for something else.
    The tests don't always go with the reading material, like they changed one and not the other, and sometimes there's missing information.
    The learning aids and tools that you get are a nice touch, but not worth the price, and the tools... well, you probably have most or all of them if you work on your own stuff.
    By no means would I consider myself an expert, or anything more than a regular guy that likes to work on my own stuff, but this course is probably at least 80% review.
    For free? Sure, why not? If you're paying for it, there are better courses available, or put the $ into some new toys to use as "learning aids"