Major difference in a few things between the Beemiller c9 and the Strassell c9

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    Has anyone who owns both the new strassel and the bmiller c9s ever notice the difference in the barrel rifling or the sear cam the bMiller Chase much more pronounced rifling at a sharper twist then the newer strassel does and the sear cam is also much larger as well and personally I kinda liked the Miller slide as well with the top serations instead of the new models but everyone's got there opinion what's walls thoughts on it
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    The top serrations & the lower serrations models were both issued by BeeMiller & Strassels. You can find both models if you look around. I was told by MoM they have no idea why they are issuing both styles. In fact my source wasn't aware they were doing it & had to call me back after they verified they were?

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    My guess is two different molds, made at different times. The newer one was changed slightly, maybe as an attempt at a "better" idea, or maybe to make the mold easier to tool up, or release better, but since they still use both, both slides are current production.

    I wonder, are the slides made right there at their factory, or jobbed out locally? They originally set things up to take advantage of local businesses with down time from manufacturing molding for cars, so there's a chance they just order up a certain number of them from whoever bids the job, possibly using tools and molds on loan from HP or Beemiller.

    Assuming the systems they use all take some standardized shape or size mold. If I were setting things up, that's how I'd do it.

    Interesting, regardless.
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    Yeah definitely I wonder tho if I could get mom to send me a beemiller barrel tho there is definite accuracy improvement with it over the strassel barrel