Make the firing pins stronger

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  1. barnetmill

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    The only defect that I have heard about with HiPoint is breakage of the fining pins. The firing pins should be improved.
  2. z71silverado98

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    I had contacted a guy to mill SS firing pins but there was not enough interest from the forum to justify placing a large order. He didnt want to bother w/ small stuff so if you can find someone who will produce 1 or 2 w/ the chance of more business from the forum, go for it.

    I think the Min was 200 @ $18ea I dont exactly have $3000+ just laying around though.

  3. Uraijit

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    What about titanium?
  4. 9mmXfactor

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    i'd be willing to buy a couple if we could get a big enough order going for them :D.
  5. Patience forum dwelers, patience. Already in the works.
  6. Who is working on it? When will they be ready?
  7. Honestly all these complaints of broken firing pins have vastly come from the haters who swear that the pin broke 3 times then little ninjas came out of the barrel and gave everyone around nut cancer. There has been a couple members with issues, but I have thousands and thousands and thousands of rounds through mine and never a problem.
  8. Taurus I have had enough trouble with firing pins with the Hi Points that I talked them into giving me several spares for each weapon to keep on hand.

    Honestly, if there is one thing I would change about the weapons, it would be the firing pins.

    Stainless steel would probably work fine
  9. Ari

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    I have never broke one
  10. Seems like your having bad luck with those pins. Better to have bad luck with firing pins then with them ninjas!
  11. OK: I'll take the package: trigger, charging handle, firing pin.

    No that's not a joke.

    It's a prayer.
  12. How about a tungstun carbide firing pin!! J/K price is a issue, but I agree a stronger firing pin or firing pin sheeth would be great and really help the longevity of these pistols.
  13. man, thats cool. it makes me feel better about mine knowing that there are folks who have put gaggles of rounds thru theirs!!! thanks! :)
  14. Silicon Wolverine

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    ive had a dozen or more HPs over the years and the only one that ever gave me trouble with the firing pin is my current 995. been through two of them in about 1000 rounds. I really dont care, they're free when you break them and its a fun gun for me anyway.