Make up my mind...

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  1. I'm thinking about purchasing a Saiga .223 and need to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly. It's a basic black plastic furniture model for $299 at the local shop. I've never fired one, but the reviews seem to all say "buy it!" What I need to know is why I SHOULDN'T buy it! Also, should I buy the .223, 7.62, or .308? I'll primarily use it for the range, but may someday use it for varmits or whitetail. I think I've ruled out the .308 (more recoil than I need). I like how cheap ammo is for the 7.62, but like the accuracy of the .223. Lastly, other than changing the look, are there any benefits to the pistol grip?
  2. Been here before myself. The only thing I have constructive to add is that if you want high capicity mags be prepared to pay 4 times as much as you would for an AR or AK mag.

  3. Saigas are great guns, but they are PROUD of their magazines. That's why alot of guys are doing the Saiga/AK conversions on the 7.62x39mm models. Something to think about.