Making custom grips

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  1. The desire for custom pistol grips has arisen here periodically, and I admit that I, too, have felt the need for unique wood.

    I posted this on another forum, as I was making grips as prizes for a postal match there. However, as a tutorial, it's appropriate anywhere, so here goes:

    Not that I'm trolling for business, or anything:

    But, yeah, I'm tooling up. :D

    ... but not tooled up quite yet.
  2. Why don't you quote that post and put it here in it's entirety?

  3. unclerob

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    Your "How To" is really good and those grips turned out great!
    I appreciate the time and effort you took in writing it up and posting the photos.
    You have just convinced me to try and make a set of grips for my 1911.

    +1 on what Primal posted.
  4. Thats great and all and they look nice, but have you tried anything with the HP grips. When I took mine off, I noticed that the do not simply sit flat against the frame. They have bumps, divots, and things on the inside that hold the mag release spring.

    How would you construct those to be in alignment without a mold?