malrin 60 scope trouble

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  1. rodka

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    i put a cheap BSA scope on my marlin cause thats all i had on hand until i buy a good one and i was actually impressed with the results at about 50 yards i was getting grouping the size of a half dollar not to bad considering im just using it for plinking.

    that was all 2 weeks ago and now its seemed to have lost its zero i just fired it and for some reason i had to rezero nothing unusual happened no hard hits or anything aside from transportation.

    is that normal for scopes or is it just cause this one is cheap?
  2. Could very well be. I've never had goo luck with cheap scopes. But one thing to check is all the screw mounts. Make sure everything is tight and hasn't shifted.

  3. Silicon Wolverine

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    Ive had several BSA scopes do that. There is a part inside the scope that comes loose. Nothing you can do about it. Call BSA and they will either tell you to send it in or send you a prepaid shipping tag. They're pretty good about it.

  4. Which BSA scope are you using?

    What type of bases are you using to mount the scope to the rifle?

    Could be a scope issue like SW said or it could be your bases.

    Personally I am not a fan of BSA optical scopes, their red dot sights are good for the money though.
  5. uncle jerky

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    Look to see if the scope has moved backwards(due to recoil) on the grooved scope rail that your Marlin 60 is designed with. If so, loosen the rings and move them with the scope still in the rings, forward again and try shooting it in again. Millet and Redfield steel rings will not shoot loose nor allow the scope to slide backwards on your grooved dovetail Marlin base,like some cheap aluminum rings will allow. I use Millet steel 3/8th/ 1" dovetail rings on a Tasco 3x9x40,mounted on an 11mm dovetail,grooved receiver on my Russian Baikal Express model IZH 94 over and under double rifle, in 30.06, and the rings/scope never shoot loose or ride backwards due to recoil. Steel rings on grooved receiver scope rails/bases,are superior to aircraft aluminum rings,hands down.