Man eats too much Turkey, sleeps though Football game

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  1. Space

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    Man eats too much Turkey, sleeps through Football game.

    My prediction for local news later today, at least at my house :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Happy Thanksgiving all
  2. :lol:

    Same to you Space; Happy Thanksgiving :)

  3. Excellent plan. Record the game and watch it when you please; a good nap is gold! :)
  4. They have football games on Thanksgiving?
  5. Silly Brit...... of course they do. Any time money is to be made, there's football. And/or baseball. And/or basketball.....

    Happy Thanksgiving each and every one of you.
  6. neothespian

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    ya know, I've been thumbing all over my guide and I see NO Arsenal F.C. exibition....

    You guys surely must be pulling my leg!
  7. Hope everyone had a good turkey day, and got to get together with family and friends. Of course with my family I would have rather been here LOL
  8. HPHooked

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    Happy Thanksgiving All.

    Thanks to all who have served or are now serving in our Armed Forces. You are the folks that make this day possible and very special.

  9. Good one! :lol:
  10. I used to roll past the Arsenal on the Intercity (train) every time I went into London (3-4 times a week on average).

    Never been my thing though, even before I came here.