Man fires BB gun at 11-year-old, said boy shot his son

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Rachgier, May 25, 2015.

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    Man fires BB gun at 11-year-old, said boy shot his son


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    All I can do is shake my head....makes me want to dis-own the race sometimes.

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    He made two big mistakes. First off he should have had his kid shoot him to even the score. Secondly, you shoot him in the ass you freakin' moron! The chest? What happened? He block his face jerk off?
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    You can't legislate stupidity! And he was stupid!
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    My parents always taught me the importance of fighting my own I see why haha.
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    Idiot is all I can say
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    Human Race? ;)
  8. ....yep I went to college in Mckeesport. a special kind people walk those streets.

    In highschool one of my best friends got into a lot of trouble for taking an airsoft pistol to a local festival on main street. He started shooting his buddies. and nothing got too out of hand. Its like a bee sting im sure some of you know what i mean. I told him multiple times he was going to end up getting in trouble.

    One of the kids goes home tells his mom, and his mom freaks taking him to the hospital where they examine his "wound" a noticeable red welt. They proceed to press assault charges.

    MORAL OF THE STORY or To Long Didnt Read Version :

    People stop treating air soft and bb guns like harmless toys. They will get you in trouble. Use them in the proper ways. actual matches, or pinking tin cans.
  9. lklawson

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    I had BB gun fights when I was a kid. Aside from the possibility of shooting out an eye, they really weren't that big a deal.

    This "dad" shooting some other kid? Facepalm. <heavy sigh>

    And what's up with this? "The boy fell to the ground saying he couldn't breathe and was later hospitalized in critical condition" From a BB to the chest?!?! Good Lord, what kinda drama queen is this?

    Not a darn thing about this story is normal or acceptable. :(

    Peace favor your sword,
  10. I didn't read the article, but on the evening news they said the BB was lodged in his chest.

    I dont know if its true, but it sure wouldn't be the first time someone was seriously hurt with a bb gun.
  11. lklawson

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    "Lodged in his chest?"

    I did a google search and at least two stories are reporting that the BB was "lodged in his HEART."

    I find it difficult to believe, personally, in this case, but maybe he wasn't using a classic Daisy Red Ryder. Some of the BB/Pellet guns can kick out some respectable energy levels. Enough for hunting small game, like crow & squirrel.

    There have been a few stories over the past several years which make claims of BB's/Pellets doing more than just breaking the skin.

    Peace favor your sword,
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  12. moona11

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    We used to have BB gun wars a kids. The worst I saw was a kid got shoot in the head and it ended up being a pellet that lodged under the skin. The one that shoot him was a 17 year old bully. The rest of us where 12. The kids dad was a firefighter and whooped that 17 year olds ass with a belt while the his parents and cops watched social services was there to. Shoot my sister once and got a whooping from grandpa for that.
  13. Man you guys were rebels.

    My dad gave me my Co2/Pump Pellet,BB gun on my 8th birthday. And simply said,

    "you know the rules to shooting, If you break them you loose your pellet gun."

    And that was it. Never shot anyone, never robbed a store with it. Just good wholesome crow shooting, and plinking
  14. moona11

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    Maybe were older:-( not wiser
  15. lklawson

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    We kinda knew there was a difference between this:

    and this:


    Which is the right thing to do and how I've taught my kids.

    Peace favor your sword,
  16. I too had many BB gun fights as a kid. Lots of basement BB gun fights with pump rifles. Only 10 pumps allowed . My mother never caught on why in the middle of the Summer I would go out wearing jeans, jean jacket and sweat pants/shirt over them. Not to mention grabbing dad's old school welders mask/hood.

    Those BB guns were no where near as dangerous as the CO2 powered ones now. My Umarex M&P .177 caliber BB Gun will dent 1/8" steel back on target boxes at 25'. Thats through a thick cardboard insert I tape the target on at the front. Scary powerfull nowadays. 480fps.
  17. Atomic_Ed

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    My Gamo Extreme was rated at 1400 fps. Can do some major damage. Much more potent than my old Daisy bb gun.
  18. undeRGRound

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    What weight of pellet?
  19. ajole

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    NE Utah
    A teacher across the hall from me had a BB removed from his hand last year.

    When he was a kid, his buddy shot him in the hand from about 1 foot, it bled, but he didn't realize the BB was inside, and didn't tell mom and dad, that would be trouble.;)

    So now 25 years later, his fingers start hurting, last two on his left hand, and there's a bump next to a knuckle. Gets X-rayed, and there's that BB, in a cyst, rubbing up on the nerves and joints. Got it removed, but they hit a nerve carving it out, so about 2 inches of his ring finger is numb, but at least it doesn't hurt.:p

    Me...I never had a BB gun, and I dislike pain, so I doubt I'd have played that way regardless. Instead, we had dirt clod grenades...:eek:
  20. I did paint ball and airsoft, but those are designed to not penetrate. left some nasty welts. and i would probably still play airsoft if some of my buddies wanted to.

    But even some of the plastic bb's close would make you bleed. I let a buddy shoot me with my own "AK" and him being a d*ck put it on full auto and shot my bare calves.

    7 welts, 5 of them were bleeding.
    so even plastic bb's will break the skin that was around 300FPS i dont know the weight but it wasn't much.