Man Killer Tiger in SF,CA

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    After reading about this story in SF,CALIF, I was surprised to see that the Tiger "enclosure" was surrounded only by on a 15' wide water moat and 20' high wall. I've seen domestic cats and bobcats jump up 10'+ vertically from a sitting position,up a tree!! Granted Tigers are much larger animals. However, hats off to the police officers that hunted down the cat, and dispatched him with handgun fire.
  2. They are hinting around now that the cat may have been taunted or otherwise messed with in some way to enrage it. It will be interesting to see what the investigation shows.

  3. Ari

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    Anyone know what type of round took it down?
  4. griff30

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    a .22 well aimed could have.
  5. I dont know about whipping out the .22's but id go with the largest round possible.
  6. 12 gauge slugs and I would still be scared to death until it was dead
  7. Well, if it was San Francisco, it was probably one of these.


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    Since it was SFPD Either 40 or 45
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    Homophobia: Making real men look bad since...well, forever.
  10. lol I wouldnt call that homophobia. Stretching it a bit...
  11. They wouldnt have shotguns in their squad cars? I would not want to go into a place with a full grown tiger with a hand gun.

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    From the shots I've seen on the news they had shotguns out unknown if they used them or not. I will attempt to find out

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    From San francisco chronical "All four fired their .40-caliber handguns, hitting the tiger an unknown number of times."
  14. Damm, I am sure glad I wasnt one of them!
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    There will be plenty of blame slung like dung in every direction, but I'd
    never blame the she-tiger. I hate zoos and stopped going to them years ago. They are degrading to the animals and eventually will hurt the specie/s that we, the top of the food chain,claim to be helping/preserving. As I'm involved in South Texas ranching, I've had the pleasure and privelage of seeing the glory and creation of wild animals in their native surroundings, so to me a zoo is just an abomination against nature, a penitentiary for the creatures that are unfortunate enough to be serving out their "life sentences" there. No, this is not a PETA ad or endorsement, just an opinion.
  16. Question, have those pansies over at PETA said ONE WORD about this? Anyone?
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    There's a good point, Primal.
  18. Did the SFPD bother tallking to the tiger? Maybe it was depressed and going through a rough time during the holidays? Did anyone try simply restaining him? Why was less then lethal means not implemented? Maybe a tazer coulda resolved this issue. Well atleast this is the first time the SFPD has fired and hit what they were aiming at.
  19. I heard it was a crazy teenager with a horrible look in his eyes throwing a snowball that killed the tigger...............................
  20. I hear England is having great success with something called an ASBO. I believe that's a strongly worded letter reminding hooligans to be good citizens. Perhaps Brady representatives (or in this case PETA) would be willing to deliver these in person so they cold be explained to the recipient. :lol: