Man shoots little brother

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  1. I seen this last night on the news about an older brother that shot his little brother after he thought he was breaking in his house. The little brother was only shot in the arm but this shows why you need to have a flashlight and ALWAYS look and make sure before shooting.
  2. this is another example that sort of proves my point about defensive positions and the objectives of self defense.

    There's not enough facts in the article so I'll make some assumptions. He woke up in his bedroom. He had a gun. The basement window was at least 1 floor below him, maybe two. Don't know if he had kids. Bottom line though, with the assumptions I'm making - he gave up a defensive position to engage in a gun battle.

    Let's assume he was on floor 1 and the basement was below him. He gets gun, tells wife to call cops. Goes to basement door, yells down, "STOP, I have a gun and I will use it." His brother answers back, "DON'T SHOOT, it's me."

    or---- he puts himself in a position to shoot an unidentified intruder and could've killed his brother. If after he yells stop, he hears nothing, and see's the intruder continuing forward, then it's too bad for the intruder.

    I'll probably get quite a few disagreements on this one, but it'll be a good round-table discussion. I just wish there were more info in these articles so folks like you and me really could analyze them and learn.

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    Well I am also On the ASSumption side with Newskate9.

  4. Newskate I seen the story on the news and I will fill in some blanks they said that at 2am the little brother didn't want to bother anyone in the house because he didn't have a key so, he went to the basement window and forced it open and in the process of forcing the window the older bro woke up thinking someone was breaking in. When the little bro opened the window the big bro was there in the dark and shot who he thought was an intruder.
  5. Am I the only one who is thinking: Little Bro broke curfew and tried to get away with it by sneaking in.

    If that is the case he'll have a great story for years. "Yeah, I snuck in atfter curfew and my stupid brother shot me."
  6. On the other side of the nickle, its not too smart to try and break into a house in the middle of the night where you know someone has a firearm.

    Even if you live there.

    Next time knock on the damm door and don't get shot!
  7. +1

    I'd rather get yelled at for coming home late, than shot at for trying to get away with it.
  8. Thank you for the additional info....... As much as you all know how much I appreciate the humor side of things, this is a good trainable moment. And it really does make my point. He had time to secure a defensive position, turn on the basement light (or in this maybe not) and wait UPSTAIRS to see if someone did come in. Sounds like he had plenty of time to call the cops.

    But he went down stairs and waited? He didn't know if the intruder had a gun or not. If he could've seen this, he may have seen it was little bro. Heck he may have had an opportunity to bar the door at the top of the steps quietly, then call the cops. And he didn't know if the FIRST guy was coming through the window while his PARTNER was waiting, armed, outside?

    Tactically, I think he could've handled this better. And forget all the little points I've been talking about. The KEY for me is - NEVER give up a good defensive position, especially when you can call for help and are armed. That's why it's called home "defense". IMHO.

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