Man shoots wife while installing satellite TV

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    I was just thinking about posting that here...very tragic indeed. :cry:

    And it was with a .22 shot through a wall to boot! :shock:

    Just another example (albeit a tragic one) that shot-placement means more than the caliber.

    That said, this is a classic Darwin Award case if it wasn't for the fact it wasn't he who got killed.

  3. He wasn't. And the sad thing is that his stupidity didn't cost him his life, it cost his wife hers.

    And of course it doesn't go well for the gun owning community in general.
  5. World is full of morons, too bad the armed ones make us normal gun toting folks look bad.
  6. Words cannot describe what I am feeling right now, and if they could, you guys wouldn't want to read them/or the word censor would kill them.
  7. There is a 100 proof redneck
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    That's insultin' the rednecks of the world. :D :D :D

    Thing is, even if the state decides not to file charges, he'll be punishing himself for the rest of his life. His kids will be adding to that punishment every time they look at him.

    Such a sad, tragic happening. :cry: :cry: :cry:
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    Sadly stupidity is not illegal.
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    I will keep my opinion witheld, however i will comment if/when the "diagrams" come out... I think there was a little more to it, if you catch my drift.
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    I'm not touching this one, you all would ban me from the site ! =P