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  1. Anyone tried the Man Stopper round through the JCP or JHP from NwCP? Looks like a pretty wicked round....:eek:

    Is so was there a feeding issue?
  2. So 66 people have looked at this and no one wants to comment on the bullet type.

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    Haven't tried it, and at those prices, I probably won't be any time soon! Nasty looking stuff though!
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    From their website looks like they only offer the true "manstopper" in .45 long colt and not .45acp. Even if they did I'm pretty sure FTF would be the norm with the occasional smooth feeding.
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    IDK and it's probably just me being overly cautious/afraid/conservative , it seems that the prosecutor and my attorney would take all my money and my freedom if bloodlust was suggested and then proved or, not proved.
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    Actually 66 people looked and didn't have an answer to your question, but probably stopped back to see if someone else had tried it. Did you want a list of 66 people saying "Nope, haven't tried it".

    As for the round, cool looking but it's too expensive, and I doubt it would feed well in many guns. However, having not tried it, this is just a guess.
    Besides, I'm pretty confident that a double tap to center mass with your average decent JHP will do just fine, and if needed a shot to the head will finish it. :(
  8. SJ, wasn't looking for 66 replies, but some feedback from some of the experienced folks..That being said I would gladly trade a few bucks for my life...If they won't feed,they won't feed and you have a club not a gun. So a simple response or technical one is great, whimsical is annoying at best..
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    I haven't tried it, and likely won't. I doubt it would cycle right in any of my autos and I don't carry wheelguns any more.

    I've never talked to anyone who does shoot it. The flat full-wadcutter profile will affect range and some other ballistics but I doubt it would be enough to make any real difference.

    I do, however, remember reading an article on it when it first was introduced. The author compared it to the old .45ACP "Flying Ashtray" rounds and opined similar "good" performance.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Sorry LACHS, dealt with a bunch of impatient people that day, and decided to be an A$$ toward you. I'd say it wouldn't happen again, but i don't like making promises I may not be able to keep, but I'll at least attempt to leave my attitude at the job.
  11. SJ,
    Enough said and consider it forgotten...I'm not perfect either, just trying to learn with out spending alot of bucks on something that may or maynot work...

    Thanks for the feedback.. I will google the "flying ashtray" for some data...
  12. taker

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    if the head shot is so easy, why not just take it in the first place, and save the 1/2-one full second "wasted" on the 2 chest hits?
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    I don't see how that would feed reliably, if at all, in an autoloader.

    It looks like a helluva wheelgun round though.

    Here's a nice pic of one loaded up as .45 auto rim and showing expansion:

  14. zombiekiller

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    That looks ugly! But for the price I'll stick with my normal hollowpoint +p.
  15. taker

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    expansion in WHAT medium, at what impact speed, and is that seen repeatedly, or just a fluke?
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    Damn, better be up close and personal. Looks like it would not be too accurate beyond 10 yards. Looks like it would hurt like the dickens though.
  17. taker

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    pistol stuff almost always is inside 20 ft, with the great majority of it inside 10 ft, so that part is no issue.
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    Reed's Ammo offers the Manstopper in .357 and 45 Colt. They might have test data as well.
  19. Crossfire,
    Thanks for the link. I will check it out.;)
  20. +1, thats one huge advantage to a .45 round, even a RN does enough damage for my purposes and at those prices I can get 750 RN reload bullets for what they want for 100.