Manchester, NH Indoor Range

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  1. I'm shooting for the "General Hi-Point Discussion" section, for where anything goes.
    Ok, there was someone on here awhile back in the New Hampshire (Manchester) area checking out the classes at a Manchester Indoor Firing Range. Are you still here on this site? Send me a message please.
    Mod's., IF I'm in the wrong area, then I guess you got to move me.
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  3. Yes, I know the place, I live near it. Checking to see if he has gone yet. If not, I'm signed up for Feb. and was looking to see if he wanted to go (two or more people= save $).
    Guy that was going with me cancelled out. Anyone else in the area want to go? It's for Feb.9 & 10. I'll give you the details on which class it is.
    Again, this is for Manchester, NH area.
    space left a website for it to check out.
    space, nice username. That was My name (well, one of them anyway :wink: ) back in high school. Hmmm, I wonder why they called me "space".
  4. Sorry guy's, thought I would give this another shot since the "dates" are coming up.
    Looking for person who was interested in the Manchester Indoor Range Club / Manchester, NH who posted awhile back.
    thnx. again.
    (I'll keep searching, I know it's here)