Many guns for sale trying to raise some money(FL)-pics

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    The good news is I finally got my C&R license, the bad news is I am broke so I am trying to sell a few to buy some curio and relics maybe. Anyway if you are NOT a Florida resident I must transfer the gun through a valid FFL. Always prefer a FTF but not everybody lives in north Florida. Feel free to email me at and thanks for looking.

    Beretta 8040 D Mini Cougar $425 NIB shipped

    Ruger P90 .45 no box $375 shipped

    Ruger P97 .45 no box $360 shipped

    Beretta 96D .40, no box 2 mags one is 10 round the other is 11 $360 I got one also with a mag release on the right side with night sights $360

    I have a Taurus PT 140 stainless, no box, comes with one 10 round mag $300 shipped

    S&W 61-2 Escort .22lr nickel $250 shipped

    Ruger P89 stainless comes with one mag $350 shipped

    Ruger P95 $310 shipped:

    Saiga NIB AK-47 I have 2 10 round mags for it $350 shipped

    Charles Daly 1911 .45ACP $450 shipped

    Ruger new model blackhawk .357 $350 shipped (sold thanks)

    Kahr .40 $400shipped

    High Standard Model B $375
  2. goodnes dude, that is a lot of guns for sell

  3. poperb

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    Why thank you, just imagine now that I have a C&R license how many I can buy-no middle man required
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    Doesn't the C&R regulations bar you from selling your curios and relics for monetary gain/business? To my understanding, you must have a FFL in order to sell firearms from the monetary gain/business pov. Might want to check on that. We don't need you getting in hot water over a couple of mil-surp-stuffs.
  5. I think he meant he can buy many more for himself, atleast that's how I took it, and that he wont be restricted due to the cost of having to pay an FFL all the time.
  6. poperb

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    Completely legal to sell to enhance your collection. The ones I have right now are not C&R and I do not plan on selling many curio guns. I am just out of money to buy any guns right now. Thanks for the interest. I highly recommend everyone apply for a C&R only $30.
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    Have you checked your Used Gun blue book for actual value base on model & condition? If you sell closer to actual value and condition you may have a few more interested parties.
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    I have, the prices are very negotiable all somebody has to do is ask, believe it or not I am cheap or as I like to call it thrifty. Oh the blackhawk is sold thanks!