March 31st Armed EPA Raid

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  2. Slipped by? I doubt it, the mainstream media has a history of looking the other way with this administration. Just look at the coverage of the last two elections. They can find a grade school classmate of Mitt Romney's who said he was a bully but can't find Obama's college records.

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    Slipped by? Really?
    Local news picked it up just not national news worthy.
    Then a Google reveals a whole slew of right wing conspiracy websites taking the story and hyping it.
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    Problem solved.

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    SWAGA I have NO issue with the government holding workplace standards. Though I am a social conservative, I am fiscally liberal - I support unions and such.

    That being said, there is NO reason to send an armed agency to deal with a workplace issue. Period. Why no recordings?

    He said the confiscation of cell phones suggested some efforts by federal agents “to prevent any recording of what they did.”

    He wondered, why would that be?

    And why would “most or all of the raid personnel” be armed?


    I have issues with this type of policy. If this is ok, the next time there is an issue on wall st. I want armed federal teams sweeping through the stock brokers holding them at gun point.
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    This was all over the internet when it happened. Can't say I saw anything about it on the Media? Anyway this Company has been in trouble with the law before this incident, and have been sited for safety violations several times. The Police tactics are questionable and overboard that's for sure, but it appears the raid was the Company's own fault.

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    Hmmm...... Seems really nazi Germanish.....
  9. Because it was

    "Government officials have declined to respond to allegations that armed officers with weapons drawn locked up USA Brass employees, confiscated their cell phones"

    obama thugs at there best :mad:
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    Declining to respond usually means yeah..... We did that.
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    I guess my question is, if the federal government has all these guys with guns that are so willing to go to toe with the American people, why cant we take back our cities? You know, make it safe for people to live there?

    Chicago, NYC, DC, LA, Detroit?

    I am not suggesting people be able to break the law, by why so draconian on businesses that are breaking a law that harms no one, when people in the cities are murdering each other day in and day out?

    Some people yell that the streets will turn into the wild west and blood will flow in the streets if guns are legal, but that is already happening where they are illegal. Why not use the ones trained for excessive force on the people who are currently sing excessive force?
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    Lead Poisoning?

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    There is quite a bit of difference between lead poisoning over 10-15 years vs pointing a loaded weapon at someone. Do weekly unannouced checks, shut the place down if need be. Go in armed to the teeth? Not acceptable.

    Hell unionize the damn workforce and get the working conditions fixed. That is EXACTLY the reasons why unions were formed and still are needed in some areas.

    There are many avenues to follow long before you pull a weapon - or at least it should be for the government (unless they were standing inside the company with everyone locked and leaded, ready to fight and making aggressive actions towards the inspectors)
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    The point being that they weren't "harming no one." They were, apparently, engaging in business activities which harmed hearing and was promoting lead poisoning.

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    EVERY box of ammo in the country with English writing says handling ammo, firing ammo and cleaning ammo may expose you to lead and may be harmful. How could any employee working there not know of the dangers?
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    It seems to surprise people time after time again that we have laws in this country.
    Also laws to protect the employees from excessive risk and exposure and laws to protect the environment from unscrupulous manufacturers.
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    We have laws up the waz zoo to protect us from business but where are the laws protecting US from the governments of this country?
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    You're kidding right?! Where i work we have to wear eye protection, ear protection, proper foot wear, I'm a painter so i wear Tyvek suits and resperators, protective gloves, all standard. We have to be certified several times over to run the various kinds of equipment we use. We have daily safety meetings, but in your mind lead poisoning should be an acceptable risk for employees to deal with and no safeguards should be attempted by the company? Either you have no job, a service industry job or a desk job and very little regard for the American worker.
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    You are correct, it was a poor choice of words on my part. I am NOT standing by the company's activities in any respect and maybe that has not been clear enough.

    I just feel that armed takeovers should be used for criminals and environments that are actively doing lethal damage right now, not issues with exposure over several years. In my opinion, an armed response such as this better have a damn good reason - such as hostages, or people with their life in danger right now. Otherwise to me, something like this is like the trash collectors coming into your house armed because you didn't separate your recyclables.

    Fine them. Inspect them almost weekly. Close their business if they continue. but hold someone at gunpoint over a legal issue? That to me is insane.
  20. Because they think that having a high crime rate in the big cities is good for their gaining more power. Don't need big government if there is no BIG problems for them.

    But, it has backfired on them. At least in Detroit where the police chief says that the only way to fix the problem is for good people to use a gun to stop crimes. Kind of like "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun".

    "Detroit Police Chief James Craig said at a press conference last week that in his 37-year career, he’s never seen as many homeowners defending themselves by shooting intruders. Craig told The News in January he felt the crime rate could be lowered if more “good Americans” were armed, because he said criminals would think twice about attacking.
    “It does appear more and more Detroiters are becoming empowered,” Craig said. “More and more Detroiters are getting sick of the violence. I know of no other place where I’ve seen this number of justifiable homicides. It’s interesting that these incidents go across gender lines.”

    They fatally shot 7 in 7 weeks there.

    "Wednesday's shooting is only one in a recent string of incidents in which homeowners have used guns to defend themselves. In the last seven weeks, seven intruders have reportedly been killed by homeowners. "The citizens of Detroit are very tired of being bullied by these thugs, for lack of a better word," Moreno said. "They're defending themselves and their property and they have every right to do so.""