Marine Corps Appreciation

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    I read the Concert Ticket thread and was outraged, instead of ranting, raving and getting all worked up, I'll post this instead.

    my mother told me about this a month ago and I thought i'd post it after reading that concert ticket garbage to show that there's people out there that still respect our men and women in the armed service:

    My mother stops at the beach everyday on her way home from work, she noticed that there was a group of about 8 men/women and some kids out there every day for at least a week. Every time they'd be flying an American Flag, a Texas Flag, and Marine Corps flag from 3 trucks. After seeing them for the whole week she decides if she sees them out there on Fri she'll do something special for them.

    Friday rolls around and they are out there again so she phones up the local pizza shop (2 miles away, we both live on a small island) and tells them the situation. They offer to deliver 4 large pizzas at cost ($3.40 ea). "its a the only big group w/ trucks and a marine core flag, cant miss 'em"

    30 mins later the pizza guy drives up on the beach and hands the group free pizza w/ a note "my name is ____, I appreciate the sacrifice and commitment each of you make, Dinner is on me tonight! I only ask that you email me your name, military rank, and where your from when you get a chance. SEMPER FIDELIS! [email addy]"

    the next week she got emails from 3 of the guys two were marine and one was Air force. Ill email her and see if she's still got their original responses, then post them here if so.

    I was proud of my mother, and extremely proud of the pizza shop for offering such a deep discount as they are a gourmet shop and their stuff usually runs about $28 a pie to my house.
  2. Wow, very cool! That's a good mom there.

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    That is a real nice gesture!