Marine Corps Birthday

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    Yesterday was my grandson's graduation from Marine bootcamp, and today is their birthday. I have a feeling that this weekend will be one that will long be emblazoned in his mind. I drove down to Parris Island to watch the ceremony and was VERY impressed with the whole thing on the Marine side, however, the observers, family and friends, whose sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, etc were there literally demonstrating their willingness to fight and die for these folks, couldn't even give the minimal respect to the flag their children had taken an oath to their own death to defend. The National Anthem was naturally played by the Marine Corps band, and probably 20% of the men within the periphery of my vision, couldn't even be bothered to remove their caps, nor during the pass in review of our national colors could they be bothered to get up off their duffs. I could sort of understand that type of action, not tolerate it, necessarily, in say, the local community parade but these men and women were graduating from one of the toughest basic combat training in the world, on a Marine Corps parade field (decK) Do they have no idea what those colors mean to those graduates?????
    I know that a lot of civilians have the idea that it is perfectly acceptable to desecrate the flag, but do they need to show disrespect there, on a day that their young men and women were going to face dangers that only, say, 1 in 50 would be willing to even try to do, especially in a time when there is no draft to avoid?
    RANT OFF, but definitely not forgotten
    Anyhow, keep my grandson, and all our uniformed services in your thoughts and prayers.
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    Hey Dok.Congrats to your grandson and a big HI 5from an ex-army grunt.I know watcha mean about the disrespect we have to put up with these days but I just tell myself "these things must first come to pass".I'm no prophet but like God said "right will become wrong and wrong will become right".Thats us today in a nutshell.Vaya con dios bro.

  3. hey doc, maybe this will help a little bit.

    I went to the Flyers game yesterday. My dad and I got tickets as birthday present. We arrived as "Proud to be an American" was playing loud on the speakers. The pictures shown were of troops holding Flyers stuff in all sorts of places. It was pretty cool. I will say I get tears every time I hear that song, but they are manly tears so I guess it's alright??

    For the National Anthem, we were asked to stand of course. As the crowd stood just about all turned to face the Honor Guard. A few nutjobs hadn't taken their hats off yet - and a few Flyer's fans let them know about it. It wasn't all too subtle either. I thought maybe some fans were looking for a reason to pick a fight, but this sentiment continued the entire night. The Flyers showed a young soldier who lost both legs but was working hard. After the short film, they showed him in the stands where the team presented him with his own name on a real game jersey, a team hat, etc. I tell you the place went nuts! Every person was standing, yelling, cheering..... it was just incredible.

    The whole night was like that, as the team honored each service in turn. They had 30 Korean War survivors who formed a choir. They sang, the place went nuts again. The entire night and venue was about honor, and gratitude and recognition. A great way for a father and son to spend an evening.

    The night before we attended a high school football game. Before the Anthem, the announcer told the crowd how he expected the flag to be respected! The crowd was terrific - and for a high school game these days, that's not bad.

    There will always be a few. They will claim their rights to b**** and moan and how they hate the war and guns and all blah blah blah. Trust there are the VAST majority of us, who respect and value the sacrifices made so I can type this note, and sleep well tonight.

    God Bless America and those who stand to protect Her. Amen.

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    God Bless America and those who stand to protect Her. Amen.

    AMEN!! to that
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    Dokor, salute to your grandson, and God's blessing and our prayers to you and YOURS. You grand son and all of his fellow grads are true american Heros just as those that graduated before them.

    As for those that disrepsect the flag, you know i se to feel the same way, but i have come to the conclusion that they simply just don't have a clue. They really don't do it out of disrespect (for the most part) they just have no idea or a thought as to what they are doing, they are clueless and that is a product of our school systems and a family culture that has just become too busy to make sure that something other then ourselves is more important.

    Sad isn't it. :?