Marines Good times

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    These are great. Brings back old memories.

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    The tax payers dollars hard at work right there! Much better way to spend it than on some toilet seat for the White House, or one of those $600 Hammers they use in it either!

    Its crazy how slow it looks like those bullets are going!
  4. Whats neat is that at least in my days in the military, there were 4 regular bullets in between the tracers.

    That makes for a whole lot of lead flying downrange :)
  5. Was it me or did at 0:33 did it look like a richochet almost hit the camera?
  6. I looked at it several times and they all looked like they were going down range to me.

    I saw one tracer that hit something and got brighter as it went, is that the one you saw maybe?
  7. Looked like a flash in front of the camera, going perpendicular.
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    We had to take the traceers out because they shut down our NVGs. The NVG tech is probably better now but it used to look like a solid green line with the goggles on and no tracers. And it arced back like a huge upside down comma. Thats with an M60D out the side of a Blackhawk doing 60 knots.
  9. That brings back memories! Nothing like live fire using tracers at night, gives you a whole new prespective on why you dont want to be on the receiving end of such weapons.
  10. One night at the firing line, we had some sort of Vulcan type cannons to the left of us, talk about some serious tracers when them dudes fired!!! :)