Marine's Grave Desecrated

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by patriot2980, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. andrew241

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    That kind of stuff makes me sick.

  2. I wouldn't be surprised if those crazy people from that church that protests soldier's funerals had something to do with this.

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    That just brings tears to my eyes and makes me want to find the jerks and kick them in theh rear for a thousand miles. HOW DARE THEY DO THAT CRAP!!! Find out who did it and send them packing to Iraq to live they DO NOT deserve to live here in this country :twisted:
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    Those that do this stuff deserve to spend 15 minutes with the men and women that that soldier served with. That is just sickening. God bless his family and for those that did this, they better pray that God has their souls, cause a whole lot of other people will want their hides.
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    Why cant I be out for a stroll and stumble across something like this? :twisted:
  6. Sneaky sick cowards. :evil:
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  8. My heart goes out to the family and friends. I hope the do catch the b******* that did this. This just sux.
  9. Uraijit

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    So much for "Tolerance" and "Understanding"... The Left sickens me more and more each day.
  10. Unfortunately, there's been a rash of incidents like this. I understand people don't like the war, but what did these veterans ever do to people? ...Aside from giving their own lives in the service of their country! This is really shameful.
  11. Lock the scum up in Gitmo, they'll wish a Marine were there to save their a**
  12. I doubt seriously that this had anything to do with people not liking the war. I'm betting on punk kids thinking they would be "cool" by pissing so many people off.
  14. I agree. A young kid at least has the excuse of being, well, young (not to say that there should be no repercussions for them). For an adult (unless they have some sort of mental condition) there is no such excuse.
  15. They better give there souls to god because there asses belong to the American people and we want blood, That makes no sense what so ever I hope they are ...................................:evil:

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  16. There's very little I could say that wouldn't get edited. Desecrating any grave is disgraceful, but that... just ... :x
  17. There is not even an excuse for kids to do this, In our culture grave desicration is a no no.

    I did a lot of crazy stuff as a kid, but never even gave it a thought to go to a grave yard and tear stuff up :shock: :shock: :shock:
  18. I was simply saying that the young of the excuse of youth. The fact is that youth will always find ways of doing stupid and wrong things, some more so than others, because when you're young you simply aren't equipped to understand the full consequences of what you are doing (well, this applies to some anyway).

    Please don't take this as me saying it's OK for kids (or anybody for that matter) to do this sort of thing. I'm just as appalled and sickened by this as the rest of you!