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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Bushman98, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. Ok, getting ready to drop some cash on material and machinery so I have to ask:

    How many of you are 100% sure that you would buy a handle for the carbine if the price was say....17-20 bucks? Small volume discounts and combo discounts with triggers. Heck, those who already bought triggers would get a retroactive discount. I only need YEAY, responses.
  2. Shootest 995

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    I'll be dropping you $40.00 thru paypal asap. For the trigger now and the payment in full in advance for the charging handle.

  3. Wo, wo, wo there, hold your horses!!!

    Handle is NOT ON SALE yet.

    Just want to see how many orders I can expect to order appropiate amount material. Also, there is no trigger sale going on in this forum..... all that is being taken care of in the hipointtalk forum. Please follow link in trading post to the other forum.
  4. i will. I have been waiting for you to get the handles ready so I could just buy a handle and trigger at the same time.
  5. Shootest 995

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    I totally understand and I will order the trigger over there. The payment in advance for the handle will just help offset your cash outlay, its is no problem and when you get them done, just send it. time is NOT an issue. I just like BOTH products and trust the manufacturer!

    And besides, they will bouth look good on the 995 that i JUST today bought from CHEF DENNIS, which he as highly modified! :D
  6. I would be interested, but would like to see how it looks and how well it works.
  7. Yeah, Chef's 995 looked awesome. I'm surprised you pryed it away from him.
  8. I want mine NOW!

    LOL just kidding but seriously if you could please quit your day job and get busy on these mods I would appreciate it.
  9. charging handles

    I'm in for at least one for now.

    Two more when I pick up a 995 and the 4595 when it comes out.. if the 4595 has the same setup as the 995 and the 4095.
  10. Shootest 995

    Shootest 995 Guest

    I had a string of bad luck and moved into chefs basment ( wife and I are getting a divorce and I needed a place to live) Chef is doing another project and offered his 995 to me, so i grabbed it. i'll post some pics later it now has a Ace Skeleton stock on it!!

    The trigger and handle from Bushman will look good on it. Sorry for the thread hijack, i am off the topic.
  11. I'll commit to one. Was just about to get a trigger too but I'll wait to see what you come up with, combo deal-wise.
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  13. Jarhead1775

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    The answer is a definate YEA. After already receiving the trigger, I will buy one sight unseen. You do awesome work. Thank you....
  14. Bushman98,
    I'll commit to two charging handles. Thanks and take care.
  15. I'm in for one. The triggers arrived today, and I can hardly wait to try 'em out. Thanks!
  16. Cruiser

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    I'll take a charging handle.
  17. As much as I like the rubber one on my 995 now I like the looks of yours much more..!!! Count me in for one... absolutely!!!

    What is this trigger you speak of..??? Is this a replacement for the plastic factory one?
  18. Mordecai

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    When it comes out, I will purchase a trigger and handle from you for the combo deal.