Market research: Rail replacement (long and short)

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Bushman98, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. Ok guys time to do some market research. Looking into buying bulk rail to make some parts and want to see how much I can expect to sell since its kind of pricy. So, here are the products I would offer:

    1. 995 Replacement Rail (aprox 5" long). Price: ~$15

    2. 995 Co-witness rail (full length) for original stock. Price: ~$40

    3. 995 Co-witness rail for ATI. Price: ~$40

    4. 995 Custom length rails. Price: ~$15+$2 per inch.

    All rails are predrilled and include hardware. Offered in raw aluminum or painted black. Prices are not set in stone, but they are my best guess estimate for material and machining time.
  2. Ridge

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    I'd be happy with those prices....seems fair for the price of materials and your labor...

  3. Do you have any mock up CAD or Pics to show what you are planning???

    I would be very interested in seeing them!
  4. There are some preliminary models in this thread:

    but I'm going to to try to mock something up this weekend.
  5. griff30

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    3. 995 Co-witness rail for ATI. Price: ~$40
    Paypal? or cashola?
  6. I would like to see one that is milled down so the gap after the metal reciever is gone with the ATI stock????

    I know that if I could move my scope another inch or so my scope would have the proper eye relief.....
  7. Cruiser

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    I'd take one but can you max out the length? Say at least 6" long with apx. a half inch extending forward past the original base. It would help getting the correct eye relief with some (my) scope. I'm hanging out past the original rail now.
  8. Jettster

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  9. GlockMan

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    I'll have to wait and review the new Hi-Point stock before seeing if a need exists for a new extended aftermarket rail. The new Hi-Point stock may cover the needs of most carbine owners without the addition cost.
  10. Glockman:

    Some members have mentioned that they would like to keep the original stock on their carbine and many have the ATI stock and are looking to further modify their carbine.

    When the new stock comes out, I'm sure I will be making stuff for it also so don't fret.
  11. JasonJ

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    if you did a full length rail id try and get it to look like the one on the ATI'd 32NAA conversion we saw earlier.. thats a perfect design right there.. stylish AND functional.

    honestly, im all about the new Hi-Point stock.. so it would be hard for me to spring for any kind of repl. rail for the current 995 stock that im going to be not using.
  12. chris falk

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    Based on the choices and prices that you laid out, I'd pay you for the custom length and specify 2" to 3" longer than the factory rail. Let us know when you're ready for orders.
  13. Those prices (or in that ballpark) certainly seem fair to me. Take care.
  14. griff30

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    +1 !
  15. outofammo

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    I would be all for a full length rail for the 995 in the ATI stock.
  16. Most likely that is the one I will make first, apart from the replacement rail. I assume most people that already have an ATI wont be changing to the new stock.

    The pricesses are best guess guestimates.
  17. AndrewST

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    Tough call on a new replacement rail with the new stock coming out. I do have an ATI stock but am not using it, and will switch to the new stock when it comes out.
  18. Shot I would be interested in all your mods for the 995, but right now I have to wait on the economic check to come to get me a 995. It looks like it is going to be mid June before that happens! :(
  19. stremph

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    Correct assumption, at least in my case. Only advantage I see it offering is allowing shooters to attach a vertical foregrip without having to use Beretta's funky tri-rail.
  20. wd6bgn

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    Great idea, the price looks good, but. I would wait to see the new stock. I just got a 995-b and do want a scope. I don't really care for the bit that goes from the stock to the pistol grip on the ATI. I do want to see what HP comes up with. And their price.

    Of course if you made up one and showed us some photos of the real deal...