Market value for a C9?

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  1. So I might be in the market soon for a C9. What's the "going rate" considered?

    The only "local" place that sells them is a 45 minute drive away so I want to be armed with my info before I go. If they're a PITA to deal with or too high then I can always buy one online and have it shipped to a closer dealer.
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    Typically I see them go for $130 - $150. IMHO that range is fair.


  3. I paid 155.17OTD for my C9
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    Call first to see how much and if they have one in stock.
  6. I jst won a C9 off Gunbroker for $120, $25 to ship, $15 transfer for a total of $160. That's within a few bucks of what it would cost total from the impact guns online store, so I feel alright with it. Nobody local had one in stock for less than that and I didn't want to wait for the next gunshow to see what I could find there. Oh, I'm in Raleigh, NC.
  7. I paid $150 otd a couple weeks ago for mine.

  8. The typical price question comes up fairly frequently, and it seems to vary considerably by region. While we can provide local guestimates, I hope that someone from Michigan gives their opinion.
  9. $125 + tax from the dealer in my town. $139 at the dealer 30 minutes from here.
  10. Michigan , Grand Rapids, 99.97 otd nib with 2 mags
  11. southern indiana about $100 used $130 new, roughly
  12. $139 from a dealer just outside of town... $179 from a "top flight" dealer in town. This is like the NFL, you make the call. It's all about shopping around, y'know.
  13. Anything below the listed MSRP is considered a good deal. If the prices are above MSRP you can either try and talk the seller down, walk on, or be willing to pay the price if you really want it.

    If I see something I really want and the shop has it listed above MSRP price I definately let them know it, then either ask if they will come down on the price or will make my offer and let them counter. I only do this when I have cash in hand and am willing to buy on the spot if the deal is right.

    In the upstate area of South Carolina low end NIB prices are around $130 and top end around $150 now, depending on the shop.
  14. Thanks guys, I have a definite range at least now.

    Where at in GR? I grew up in Middleville so I'm in the area semi-frequently.
  16. Thanks, I'll have to give them a call soon. Should be down around Xmas time.
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    Funny.... unless it's from a Hi-Point dealer, you're lucky to find any C9 for under 200 here in Arizona.

    Then again, this IS the land of the 400 buck SKS and everyone thinks if they have something Russian it must be worth a grand or more.
  18. god sounds like i need to buy a dozen c-9 s and go to AZ
  19. Neo, those prices sound crazy. Here in Vegas prices are pretty high, dealers have C9s for around $200 with laser etc. and I see C9s at gun shows for a bit under $150.

    And as for $400SKS in AZ :?: :?:
    You're in Flag, just drive down to Prescott and pick up a 59/66 for a buck and a half from J&G :!: