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Marketplace Rules

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Marketplace Rules:

No ARGUING, discussions, commentary, or starting polls on sales threads! The seller is entitled to ask whatever price they feel is fair for their items. If you don’t like it, leave it alone. It’s a marketplace, not a discussion area! If you need to clarify details of a sale, or have a question directly related to the item being listed for sale feel free to ask in thread or send a DM. No other commentary will be permitted! If you want to talk about it, start your own topic in the appropriate discussion area.

Buyers and sellers enter and participate in this marketplace voluntarily, at their own risk, and with the understanding that HPFF does not provide any guarantee of protection or warranty of payment/delivery for any transactions here.

HPFF reserves the right to remove any advert for any reason as per the TOS located at the bottom of the page, and for any violations of the rules as they have been explained.

For Sellers:

  1. Fill out your location in your profile. Please include the location you will be shipping from in your post so potential buyers can calculate shipping in to their bid, if shipping will cost extra.
    1. If you prefer doing a face-to-face deal, for whatever reason, note that in your ad.
  2. Post your items in the appropriate location. They are clearly differentiated as Hi Point related, non-hi point items, and wanted/iso.
    1. Any and all “WANT TO TRADE/WANT TO BUY/ISO” items are to be posted in the WANTED section regardless of whether they are Hi Point related items or not.
  3. Creating your post. There are two ways to create your post. Select which format you would like to use by clicking on it while in the Create Post menu.
    1. You can create your ad as a Discussion, which will be structured like a typical forum posts and permit you to use our basic prefix system.
      1. Use the appropriate prefixes for your particular items. You can mark your post as "For Sale", "For Trade", or "Wanted". You can even come back and mark them as "Pending" or "Sold" as you receive, consider, and/or accept offers.
    2. You can also choose to create an ad by using the relatively foolproof Buy/Sell format, which will allow you to create a structured listing from a small menu of options to help guide you through the process.
  4. Provide a detailed description of your item and include recent photographs of said item.
    1. Up to date pictures, condition, materials, accessories, flaws, quirks, problems you may have had with said item, even why you're looking to get rid of it or a bit of background on when and why you acquired it can go a long way in making a sale happen.
  5. Post a reasonable price for your item. If your price is firm, make note of that in the advert. If you’re willing to entertain other offers, to include trades, please make note of that as well.
    1. If you will only accept certain forms of payment; ie. postal money order, paypal, venmo, cashapp, bitcoin, etc. Please notate that CLEARLY in the ad.
  6. No Cross-Linking. Do not post links to offsite adverts, which include but is not limited to eBay, Amazon, etsy, etc.! If you are selling an item on multiple sites, please make sure to clearly note that in your advert but do not post links to or include directions to search for your item off site.
  7. No cross-posting. Do not start secondary threads or make additional posts anywhere else on the forum in an effort to try and draw attention to your advert.
  8. If you have multiple items to sell. You may post multiple single ads or ads with multiple items in them, but each ad must be for an item(s) not listed in any of your other ads. Multiple listings containing the same item(s) will be deleted.
  9. Check on your advert! Keep your main post(s) up to date. Once you go through the process of posting the ad check it often. Please edit your first post(s) when an item is sold. When all items are sold, use the "Report" button to let the staff know the topic can be locked, post in the thread, or send a DM to any staff member. Be advised, if you go too long without updating your post or fail to answer a seller, you will be given a short window to do so. Failure to do so will result in the removal of your post, but you are free to relist said item(s) in the future.
  10. Bumping your thread. Feel free to bump your post back the top while you’re checking to see if there is any interest. Please keep bumps to once a day and do not ask other members to bump your thread for you.
    1. No Free Bumps! Members are not permitted to give free bumps to other user’s adverts.
  11. No selling of illegal items. This applies to regionally specific items as well. Cover your own butt and ASK!!! HPFF will not be responsible.
For Buyers:
  1. Contacting a seller. There are many ways to contact the seller in the marketplace. We suggest combining a post in the actual thread to effectively mark your place in line AND sending them a DM by using the regular messaging system OR clicking the “Message Seller” button in the advert itself. Don't just rely on a post in the thread.

  2. Make a reasonable offer! We all have some experience with the art of the deal, and some of us welcome a friendly price haggle. Please try to be respectful and not throw out insultingly low offers.

  3. Fill out your profile! It's the same as knowing where the seller is! Letting the seller know where a buyer is located can help you get a better deal on shipping or even provide a chance to save money doing a face-to-face deal.

  4. Buyer protection and payment. We cannot offer any sort of warranty or payment/delivery protection. We therefore encourage the use of 3rd Party payment tools.

  5. Unresponsive sellers. If you have attempted to contact a seller multiple times and received no response, please contact any member of staff and we will reach out to the seller to investigate and try to get in touch with them to see if the item(s) are still available or resolve any issues. This is in no way a guaranty or warranty of payment/delivery resolution.

  6. Don't try to buy things you know are illegal for you to possess! Don't get yourself, or a fellow member, in trouble trying to circumvent the law. HPFF will not be held responsible.
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