Marlin 25N Restoration

Discussion in 'Gun Gallery' started by priell3, Jan 13, 2015.

  1. I got this rusty and dusty 25N for free. It needed serious TLC.


    I sanded the stock bare, stained it a mahogany finish and sealed it with a flat spar urethane. Took steel wool to the metal and hit it with Outer's gun blue. Added an old scope I had laying around.


    Looks and works great.
  2. That looks great. A 25N was the first gun I shot. My dad gave it to me a few years ago. I have put more rounds through it than I could count with a calculator. always stayed accurate. Love the gun, and you cant beat the price. new models don't come with those nice stocks and quality for the price these days.

  3. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Nice job!

    I have a 25n as well, really solid guns.:)
  4. ArmyScout

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    Good job, nice looking 22 rifle.
  5. Have any groups you shot from it?

    Some day i will have to go out and really try some tight groups at 100 yards with mine.

    No one ever talks about the old marlins being real accurate, but i Haven't missed much with it.