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    just got a marlin 60 and it is awesome 15 round tube and it fires great brand new and i only paid $80.

    so my question is do they make a polymer stock for it.
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  3. The more you shoot it, the more you're gonna love it, dude! :D
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    oh man i already do, so far ive fired about 50rds and its the most fun ive ever had firing a weapon.
  5. I need to get my scope issue worked out on my Model 60. Once that's done, I am good to go and will be shooting it more.
  6. Congrats on the Marlin 60! I really like the heavy barrel Marlin puts on their rimfire rifles and combined with the micro groove rifling most are really accurate. The only issue I have with the Model 60 is they only come with a 3/8" groove receiver for scope attachment and the triggers leave a lot to be desired if you spend a lot of time shooting paper. For general plinking or small game hunting they get the job done very nicely though.

    If you decide to scope your Model 60 I highly recommend using Millet Steel rings. They are hands down the best rings you can get for the 3/8" grooved receiver rimfire rifles. Have a set on my Savage MkII and they have never lost zero or slipped in the 3/8" grooves like the cheaper aluminum rings do. I pain about $21 for my Millet Steel rings, so they are not excessively expensive.

    One of our forum members, Benny429, runs and has the ATI Fiberforce stocks for the Marlin 60 for $38.99

    Here's a link to his Fiberforce product page..
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    what do you have to do to put a scope on the marlin 60 ive never scoped a rifle before.
  8. rodka,

    The Marlin 60 has 3/8" grooves on top of the receiver for scope mounting. What you need is a set of Rimfire Tip-Off style scope rings to fit the grooves. Wal Mart sells the Weaver, Leaupold and sometime Quik Site brand of 3/8" Rimfire Tip Off rings, sometimes called Mounts. These work so-so on rimfire rifles that are not drilled and taped for scopes.

    Do not get one of the small $10-$15 .22 scopes because they are not worth the money you spend on them. Optic clarity is bad and the objective is so small you cant see much. Spend a few extra bucks and get a 1" scope made specifically for rimfire rifles.

    I suggest using Millet Steel Rings (Tip Off Model around $20) for 3/8" grooved receivers.. and a Simmons 4x 22Mag scope (about $39.95) or a Simmons 3x9 22Mag (about $49.95) if you prefer variable power. Sounds expensive but well worth the money once you get into shoot the .22 at more than melons and tin cans at pistol distances.

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    so with the tip off rings i dont have to drill and tap i can just attach with no modifications?
  10. rodka,

    With the tip off rings you simply set them in the grooves and tighten them down with a scredriver or allen wrench, then sit the scope on the base and tighten down the upper half of the rings in the same manner. Takes about 5-10 min tops to install a scope using the tip off rings.

    Before getting everything nice and tight you need to check eye relief to make sure you have a full objective view. Check for eye relief by holding the rifle up against the shoulder like you are aiming at a target, or do so from a bench if all you will be doing is shooting from a bench.

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    thanks rimfire ive always been an iron sight kind of guy so i dont know to much about mounts and scopes.

  12. This is one rifle you can have a ball with, set it up like rimfirehunter says and you will not be disappointed!
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    I love my model#60 unfortunately my 9yr old son has "confiscated" my rifle. I take him with me to the range and he does very well with that old rifle. I have the scope set wayyyyy back for him to get a decent eye relief but he does great with it. He shot a 50 yd group less than 1 with it last outing. Gotta love em.



    Everyone I know that has one won't part with them. A great rifle no matter the cost. Mines rusty, banged up and very old (was given to me) and still keeps on going BANG every time. Can't say that about all guns.

    Bam Bam
  14. When you said WAYYYYYYYY back, I didn't believe you... Until I saw the picture... WOW Dude, that's crazy!!!!

    It's great that you and your son go shooting together... I never had a dad around to go shooting or hunting with. Keep it up my friend, that's awesome stuff.
  15. Marlin 60's are really good shooting, and accurate, rifles once you get used to the trigger. My dad had one he bought in the 70's and I know for a fact the only cleaning he did on it was to wipe it down after a hunt with 3-N-1 oil. I broke it down and gave it a thorough cleaning about a year before my dad passed away in 89, that thing was so dirty I still dont know how it operated but man it never missed a beat. My sis has that rifle to this day and it will still shoot nickle groups at 50 yards.

  16. I bought an 18 shot Marlin 60 in the spring. It is a little picky about what I shoot in it (likes the cheap Remingtons $1.19 bx) but tends to start jamming after about 400 rounds. I bought a cheap $15 scope too and it was crap. I replaced it with a $50 (can't remember the brand) and it was worth it. Now the only problem I have is the cheap mount keeps coming loose and moving after 100 rounds or so. It is some v grooved mount from Wally World. I was wondering if a little locktite would fix it?
    That Marlin was $85 and the most fun I've had in a long time that didn't involve my wife. LOL
  17. Nice stock HPHooked, would really make my old Marlin look newer. That thing is more than I have in the rifle and scope combined.
  18. I have a love hate relationship with my Marlin 70. The 70 is the same as the 60 except that its magazine fed.

    I love the gun and it shoots well BUT it jams like crazy. I can strip it down, clean the crap out of it, gently lube it up, put it backtogether and shoot for a while but then again, it starts jamming.

    By jamming, I mean that when the bolt flies forward after ejcting the last round shell, it won't fly forward all the way and only will put the bullet about anywhere from 50-75 percent into the chamber. I then have to push it forward with my thumb with is irratating to say the least.

    It happens with all types of ammo, I have cleaned the heck out of the chamber, etc.

    I even put a new recoil spring in and that didn't make a differnce.

    But I love the little gun however its problems are forcing me to want to get a 10/22.