Mass Town to Ban all Tobacco?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by ArmyScout, Nov 11, 2014.

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    My wife was a slim trim skinny chick 'til she quit smoking, now she's shaped like me.:(

    So, the question is, is smoking actually a health benefit, if it stops you from being obese?

    But really, I hate, despise, and loathe smoking. I think it is criminal for the gov't to subsidize tobacco if that tobacco is use to produce items that would be illegal if their ingredients were in food, paint, or the plastic your kid plays with, and yet, we allow, even encourage and reward, the growth of that item.

    All that said, I'm almost certain there are actually good uses for tobacco, that don't involve burning or chewing the leaves to inject the results into the human blood stream.

    Not sure the subsidized tobacco gets used for that.:cool:

    As for outlawing it...I disagree with that as well. This is still America, despite the continued progressive liberal attempts to restrict our freedoms. You keep that nasty smoke in your house, I won't bother you about it.
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    I quit the year my bike was made, 1988. I think it is disgusting. I hated it enough to quit, but it was one of the hardest things I've done. Some years ago, even while the gov was saying it's bad, allowed the tobacco companies to increase nicotine content by 10% across the board. So they say it's bad, but allow tobacco companies to increase the addictive content. Yup, schizo!
  5. America, land of the less free today than yesterday, next thing they will want to ban sex.
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    The government would only ban heteros from having sex.
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    That would solve the over-population issue they claim we have.:rolleyes:
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    Come on! My progressive liberal Sociology teacher said we haven't even been keeping up with deaths and that especially white American's are having so few kids we going to become extinct!

    Well, all except the Mormons :)
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    I call BS. There's NO way a progressive liberal lets the facts get in the way of a good story like over-population, saving the whales, the forests, or fixing the climate, especially if they can use it to shape the society and get more control.:p

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    How is that going to make them $$ unless the insurance companies are pushing for it? Nothing gets made into law unless someones making a dollar.
  12. [rant on]I'd be happy if they outlawed cigarettes. I could care less if people smoke. But living on one of the main streets in my town, I'm sick and tired of picking up cigarette butts out of my damn front yard that these selfish pricks throw out their windows. So much so that I don't pick them up any more, I blow them back out onto the main street and the damn city can deal with them. Same as with all the freaking trash that people throw in my yard. Sorry bastards. [rant off]
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    That would put their precious abortion clinics out of bidness...... :eek:
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    I guess no one throws beer cans on the ground in your neck of the woods?
    Might as well ban beer while we're at it. Oh, and socks.... I'm tired of seeing all those old socks laying along the road! :D

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    There are already dry counties in some states.
    As a reformed smoker I'm now a militant anti smoking Nazi.
    I'd have to be interested enough to read the law proposal.
    You can't ban people from doing things in the privacy of their own homes for instance.
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    Gosh..... If we could just make a reformed liberal outta you.... The things we could do.... (Sigh).....
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    I knew it! :D
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    I don't mind if people smoke, drink, smoke weed, do drugs, whatever. AS LONG AS IT DOESN'T IMPACT OTHERS. I bought the house next door for my man-cave specifically including so that no one could smoke so I could smell it. Thankfully I got both houses on foreclosure as I'm about as broke as they come.

    I support all the anti-whatever legislation like above (but not anti-gun) because ALL THE TIME such a high percentage claim "it wasn't them" but it impacts EVEYRONE. Like smokers - butts everywhere and NO ONE THREW THEM. Drinkers - I've WATCHED drunks after an accident claim it wasn't them - multiple times - I lost count. Such a visible minority (or is it?) of weed smokers and the HORRIBLE smell they inflict on others and claim it does no harm. That stuff STINKS like burning trash.

    So I'm there with you.
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    I will be interested to see how this goes. Bloomberg tried to ban the display and advertising of all nicotine products in NYC and the only reason it got shut down was he wanted to use the board of health to enforce it. It had something to do with him wanting to make it a first-time criminal offense and the health department only being authorized to enforce health code violations and not operate as law enforcement.
  20. I throw those back out in the street too. I didn't say anything should be banned, I said I'd be happy if it was. I think it's funny that most everyone agrees that you shouldn't litter, but those same ones who smoke would think nothing of throwing a cigarette butt out a car window. So much so that a lot of new cars manufactured today don't even have ash trays any more.