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Maverick JS 9mm

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I have a original Maverick JS 9mm Made by Stallard Arms. My question is will a slide off a Stallard JS 9mm made after Mossberg cought up with Stallard and the Maverick TM work on my Maverick frame? I'm not talking HiPoint , I'm talking Stallard Arms the gun made in a garage! Might not be collectable but it's rare, unfortunately my slide on the Maverick broke a big chunk off the side shooting in the winter a few years ago. It was my Dads gun so I'd like to get it safe and functional again. Unfortunately
no gunsmith in my area will touch it. So I'm gonna see if I can fix it myself. I have been watching ebay and see slides available.... Any input or information is appreciated!
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Thank you! I really appreciate the help!
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I reassembled the Maverick JS 9mm with the ebay stallard arms slide, have not had a chance to test fire as of yet. Thank you everyone for the information provided here! My dad would be happy knowing this piece of firearm history can now be safely passed down to another generation when the time comes. And another question what ammo is ok to feed this thing? last time i shot it was 4 years ago and i was shooting dads left over service rounds, cant remember the brand, but im assuming they were hot rounds with the slide busting a huge chunck out of the front of it. Is this a common problem with this style blowback guns? I have used cheap wolf fmj steel casings just fine before, my need is a good personal defense round that cycle properly and not bust my slide. It was 15deg outside in the middle of winter when the slide broke if that makes a difference. I see a HiPoint C9 in my near future as well.
Well i'm going to find a new barrel and retaining pins, my barrel moves up and down ever so slightly, just enough that the spent casing extractor dont line up with the groove in the breach of the barrel. Working the slide you can fiddle with it and get it lined up, but im wondering if this could be the original problem with the slide busting.
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Probably. If you send it to MOM it would get fixed for free
That is not the case...MOM told me in a phone conversation "We dont have parts for your 30+ year old handgun" that was strait from HiPoint when I called about it. If that was the case I wouldnt have this issue.
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Iberia service info (40 S&W only): www.iberiaxtras.com
View attachment 74381

Haskell Service info: (45 ACP only) www.hipoint45.com
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And this helps with a Maverick how?
@BDR1976 I confirmed there are differences in the barrel pin diameters with the newer Stallard pistols.
What I failed to remember was that the entire barrel block is different between the old vs. new. See below.
Both of my older "slab grip" Stallards have the smaller diameter pins, while my newer "curved grip" Stallards have the larger diameter pin. FWIW, the diameter of the take down pins that retain the doll's head are different as well.
View attachment 74388
I have the small old style barrel and pins like the top of the two guns pictured. However the pins have never been removed but it looks like slight oval shaped wearing of the pin holes. I was thinking oversize pins maybe would be possible. I like the new grip design are the grips interchangeable between old and newer? They appear to be.
Am I correct in the pin size for barrel roll pins? 3/32? anyone tried or think 5/32 would drive firmly in the frame and barrel? My roll pin selection available is limited
That's the problem drilling the frame...not much meat above those pin holes. This might end up being a boat anchor if Im not careful.
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Roll pins have one tapered edge to start in the hole.... its not complicated. I drove the pins out tried a different set and went back to the originals. Guns together cycling properly, now its time to try it out. Im skeptical about shooting it in the winter now after what happened to my Maverick slide. I understand now why the generational upgrades were made.
All back together! Cycling properly!
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The pins and holes ended up being fine...I thought i could feel play in the pins pressing hard on the darn thing, I was wrong so I just picked up replacement parts anyways to have on hand, this will rarely be used anyways. The plan is a new C9 in my near future.
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Thank you for the side by side comparison! Exelent information that is correct!
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