Maximum service life of a 9mm Luger

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    I've been reading the round count thread here and am curious...what is the maximum number of rounds that a 9mm HP pistol could fire? I see numbers between 1000 - 4000...but as long as the firing pin is replaced every 1000-1500 rounds or so, and it's regularly taken apart and cleaned/lubricated, how many rounds could one of these ultimately go through? 5000? 10,000? 1 million? What sets the limit, and what major parts may break or wear out to the point that they really have to be replaced?
  2. I'm no gun expert, and you'll get a lot of responses.... but here's my quick input:

    DON'T take it apart - it'll last longer and function better. No need to replace anything till there's a need to replace something. Clean regularly without taking it apart. If/when you have issues about failures, clean it first, ask questions here second (lots of help), and send it in for repairs as last resort.

    I think general input is clean it, minor adjust it, send it in, in that order. And it should last the millions of rounds you talk about! Some here are real gun masters and take things apart all the time - I'm not. The beauty of the HP is you don't have to.

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    There are a few people here who have had several thousands of rounds through thier weapons, who will chime in on this one.
  4. I have put alot of rounds through all of mine. I have only had a few miss feeds. I would have to agree with the cleaning. gerneral cleaning and care will keep thses things going and going.
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    By "take apart", I mean take the slide off for cleaning and lubrication, remove and inspect the pin and springs, etc. I don't mean complete disassembly, which I'm probably unqualified to do.
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    The most my HP pistols have seen is probably around 3k in any one gun. It didnt show any undue wear. FWIW i have a glock 17 with over 15,000 rounds with only minor repiars. Modern guns are built to last a lifetime. Literally.

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    Ya do not be taking the slide off more then Hi-Point says too! Hi-Point told me that folks want to take the thing apart all the time. They said this causes more trouble. They meant what they said in your owners booklet about cleaning.

    How many rounds do you shoot a month?
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    Probably around 400, sometimes more. This is the only one that I can really take to the range; I might get another in a few months, which would reduce that number.

    The manual says, "Complete disassembly and cleaning should be performed at 1500 - 2000 rounds."
  10. You don't have to replace the firing pin every 1500 rounds...
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    This is true I have never changed mine
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    Even if a c9 only lasted 1000 rounds, the gun would cost less than the ammo you fed through it. At 1000 rounds a c9 costs 15.5 cents per round (assuming msrp of $155) and a wwb at wally world is ~ $16 for 100rnds ( 16 cents per round).

    How can you go wrong? Hps rule.
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    what about the stress the +p+ ammo puts on the weapon that has to shorten the life a little
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    If a pistol is designed to take the stresses of +p+, shooting that ammo will do little to shorten the life of said pistol. A pistol sold to the public today rated for the hottest commericial ammo will take quite a bit more pressure than that ammo can ever create. Our legal system makes sure of that. On the flip side of that why would one feed any handgun a steady diet of +p+ unless it was a duty weapon and that was the specified ammo?
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    45 acp pistol

    I've got 5700 rounds thru my pistol and it has no signs of wear take it for what it's worth and I put about 750 to 1000 a month thru her. Her accuracy seems to have improved with her hunger.
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    ive fired +p+ ammo out of my jcp all i noticed was more kick.
    out of the 700rds ive fired about 250 of them have been +p+
  18. I have lost track of my round count through my C9 but it numbers in the thousands and seems to improve with age.
  19. I have Ari, I shot a box of +P+ out of my gun big difference in performance but I carry +P+ for self defense in my c9 just for the extra power :) . I wouldn't practice shot with it alot tho to expensive.