Maybe a dumb question....

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  1. I love how accurate the irons are, but after shooting through a buddies red-dot equipped 10/22. Im thinking about installing one on mine.

    So my question is....if I install the flimsy scope base, and later on down the road decided I want to go back to the iron sights. Will it still be as accurate when I put them back on? Or would I have to resight it back in?
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    It will be close to where you originally had them but , yes you will have to resight for any real accuracy.

  3. Are you speaking of the 995 having a flimsy scope base? No such thing. If yours is flimsy it is most likely that your missing the insert bar that goes between the two rails. Nothing flimsy about my set up and dead on accurate with a scope or a red dot. Heck I had a buddy put 100 rounds thru my red dot before he even new to turn it on and he was still nailing bulls eyes.
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    +1. My scope rail is solid. Looks flimsy, but I'm surprised at how solid it is.

    Don't be fooled because this is for an airsoft rifle.
    It can handle the recoil easily,it is made of aluminun and comes with the screws to mount it.
    You will have to find nuts and lockwashers,metric.
    I had to drill out the holes in the reciever cover to get them to fit.
    Your only going to use two of the orginal holes.
    The inner holes will need to be drilled out a little so the supplied bolts fit tight.
    I never plan on ever using the irons.
    You get two,so you can mount the other one on the bottom of the forend for a bipod,which by the way is my next project.[
  6. I'd go with a reflex sight over a standard red dot. I have one on my 995, and it is just SO damn sweet. It's parallax corrected so there is no need for an identical cheek weld from shot to shot. Also, it just looks SO damn mean.
  7. Took my carbine out with the new reflex sight the other day, didnt shoot as well as I had hoped, but it was really cold and windy so I am goin to try it again on a warmer day and see if its any better

    I do like the sight itself though