Maybe Re-Gifting?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by MachoMelvin, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. MachoMelvin

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    Last year I gave my 3 sons a gun each for coming out & repainting the interior of our house for Mothers Day. Two of my son's received a Keltec PF-9 each & one of my son's got a C9 Compensator. They were all happy to get them since they would have painted for FREE.
    Yesterday my oldest son & I were talking, when he said he wanted to trade or sell the PF-9 so he could get a 45 caliber glock. I quickly offered him $175 for the PF-9? He said sure, no bartering or anything. So, we set next Friday up for the exchange. Today I was thinking maybe I should have offered him $200 or $225. I gave $200 last year. I'm sure he hasn't put 40 rds through it since he got it. What do you think?
  2. greg_r

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    It's your son, I would give him the extra, but I'm soft like that!

  3. MachoMelvin

    MachoMelvin Well-Known Member

    I guess your right, if I had the glock (which I don't), I would probably trade him even up.
  4. ajole

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    NE Utah
    I think you need to persuade him to buy a better cheaper .45 than the Grock, and quit worrying about the price you are giving him!;)

    But are offering him about the max he'd get on a trade-in, he might make more selling it FTF, but right now, I can buy several small thin 9 mm guns for about $200, so that may not be a reality.

    If he's able to swing the cost of his new gun, don't sweat it. If he's saving nickels to do it, you can up your offer, or tell him maybe he should think about a cheaper gun.

    It's not like you won't sell him back, or give him, the gun later, right.;)
  5. FlashBang

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    As a Father to 2 College age daughters I have developed a lot of 'will power' over the years.... unfortunately I have failed to develop any 'won't power'. :)

    I would have probably told him to not sell it or trade it, then bought him the Glock.

    I may be a bear outside of my house, but with my kids I'm more like Gentle Ben. ;)

  6. lsi1

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    wish my dad gave me guns for stuff. If he didn't negotiate or barter with you he is gonna get hit harder than that at any gun counter or by any ftf transaction anywhere. instead of more money take him to find his glock and teach him how to negotiate a price.
  7. MachoMelvin

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    I can GLADLY say, He makes MORE than I do! He is a glock fanboi. He has several of them. I was just thinking about buying a TCP 380 for $169, with free s/h from Bud's the other day. And then he pulled this out of his hat. I carry a SCCY as my EDC. Been a few days it was a little larger than I liked?
    If I don't buy his gun, he will just trade it in. He doesn't like messing with gun buying or selling in grocery store parking lots. Some people are like that?
  8. Outlaw

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    IMO, it's family. Offer him the price tag on your initial gift gun. It's probably what he would be ok with and sounds like what you would want. Go at it man to man. None of this dad/son stuff. He'll appreciate it later.
  9. undeRGRound

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    I bought the G20c off my son, and I also told him if I have it, he has the possibility
    of buying it back someday. Or inheriting it at a later date... ;)
    He has sold 3-4 guns at LGS at a big loss, I finally convinced him to do it "My Way"
    (like we always discuss here, private sale for a better price) and he has done 2
    of them like that, lots less regret and more $ in pocket! :D
  10. Dane

    Dane Supporting Member

    Just get the Glock and trade him straight up!! :D
  11. Dane

    Dane Supporting Member

    If you ever need one, you probably wish it was bigger!! :zombie:
  12. lklawson

    lklawson Staff Member

    The he should be gifting it to you! ;)

    Another gift he can get for the old man. ;)

    Peace favor your sword,
  13. moona11

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    Your the worst dad ever I still haven't gotten my drone yet :'(
  14. FlashBang

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    I told you.. when you can go two nights without wetting the bed you can have one. :rofl::rofl:

  15. undeRGRound

    undeRGRound ROLL wif Da MOLE! Supporting Member

    [​IMG] m00nerZ :D :rofl:
  16. moona11

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    Dam I have to start over :-(