Maybe Stupid Question on C9

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by Dr. Dave, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. Dr. Dave

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    All Hi-Point firearms now shipped with dual lock trigger.

    Is this a new feature? Or did I have a brain fart?
  2. I'm not sure what you mean by "dual lock: but current Hi-Point pistols:

    1) Won't fire, if the safety is on (Duh)
    2) Won't fire if there's no magazine in the well (this keeps people from blowing someone away when "Hey, the mag's out: it's unloaded!")

    There's an additional drop safety that prevents accidental discharge when a pistol hits the floor, and -- anybody else? -- maybe more.

    That's an overview, but maybe others can add more.

  3. I think that Dr. Dave meant to say "dual lock trigger lock/guard".. thats just my idea, but when i read his post thats the impression that i got. Anyways, all i know is that mine came with one in the box, but i got my C9 just a few months ago, so someone else here can probably help you out with that more than I.

  4. Uraijit

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    By dual lock, do you mean the one with the twist-lock, and the slot for a small padlock? If so, mine came with one a year ago. And my dad's Hi-Point came with one 8ish years ago.
  5. Dr. Dave

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    Dual-Lock Trigger

    Just questioning what I read on the Hi-Point web site. "All Hi-Point firearms now shipped with dual lock trigger. ." I don't recall reading that before on their web site, but like I said maybe a brain fart on my part.

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    I believe that is a law in some states that they must supply a trigger lock so they just throw it in every weapon to cover it. Or it may be just the owner's idea.
  7. Decoligny

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    I know it's the law in California that you must purchase a California Approved gun lock with every handgun purchased. My wifes Berretta came with a cable lock from Berretta. The cheap plastic lock that came with the Hi-Point didn't meet California minimum requirements so I had to purchase a cable lock for about $15.00. The trigger lock that came with my C9 looks like I could remove it with a pair of toenail clippers.
  8. Mine came with the lock 2 days ago when I picked her up also came in a lockable plastic case with foam 8)
  9. Mine came with one a couple years ago.

    I threw it away.
  10. The Dual Lock feature of the factory supplied trigger lock is simple... You can install the trigger lock and lock it with the supplied key and it is locked. To use the Dual Lock feature you simply install and lock the factory trigger lock, and then install a personal pad lock thru the locking tab hole... hense Dual Lock.

    Here's two pics of my C9. First is using the factory supplied lock in the as issued configuration. Pic 2 is using the same lock, with a small padlock I own, in the Dual Lock configuration.

    Pic 1

    Pic 2

    The TINY padlock I used was for photo purposes only, so please dont bash its ability to prevent somone from removing it...LOL

  11. I bought my first Hi-Point (a carbine) just a few weeks ago. That trigger lock got laughs once I realized what it was supposed to be. I guess it is good from a liability issue. My first thought was to toss it, but I put it away in my parts box so I can show it to people for s---s and giggles.

    A funnier situation is regarding the Beretta 21A I bought at the same timeas the Hi-Point. The Beretta is not approved for sale in California, but there is a sticker on the box claiming that a 'California Approved' lock is supplied with the pistol. It took me a minute to digest the fact that a CA approved lock is sold with a pistol that can't be sold in CA. :lol: