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This video lays out a path from now, until the CBDCs are rolled out and become in common use. Further discussion about negative interest rates, social credit scores, complete lack of privacy is also included. PLUS, how to exist and work outside the system. This guy covers most everything I've ever read about, including he admits it will effectively be a one world currency even if it looks like digital forms of all existing currencies. The IMF already has the SDR and your dollars can readily be converted to Euro, Yen, Pounds, Yuan, etc.
Readily? YES.
Easily? Maybe.
CHEAPLY CONVERTED? not so much...

Digital blockchain CBCDs are coming quickly, I guarantee there will be an apparently catastrophic financial event to trigger the move to these new CBDC .gov issued trash cash.

But, for Prepsters, a financial catastrophe does not mean a lot. It's likely far from a true TEOTWAWKI event. But there will be related hardships, social chaos in the cities, so forth.

I think most of the HPFF crew will fare rather well, maybe some will even profit a little due to positioning, but overall the world at large is in for a rough ride.
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