Maybe the Worst Gun I've Ever Had

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by magnum55, Oct 6, 2015.

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    I bought a Zastava M88A about a month and a half ago. I have some of the various 7.62 x25 c&r guns and love em. Never a problem with any of them. The Zastava looks like a baby Tokarev and it's 9mm. When I first got it I had failure to ejects in evey magazine using WWB and Tulammo Brass Max. Since I got a year warranty from Century I sent it to them to fix. I got it back yesterday. Same problem as before. It's like they changed boxes and sent it back to me. I e-mailed them tonight with the problem. I'll see what they say. I had seen some good reviews for the gun. I like the gun, when it works. I have never had a gun so problematic. Right now I would say it is the worst gun I've ever had.
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    My 3 worst guns I have ever owned, how long I owned them;
    1) Colt Mustang 380 (8 years)
    2) Kahr CM9 (7 months)
    3) Tech-9 (6 years)

  3. SWAGA

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    Could that simply part of breaking in the gun and magazines or are these guns 'previously enjoyed'?
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    I have only used 115 gr ammo in the Zastava, so maybe I'll give some 124 gr a shot. But, I don't think I have another 9mm that won't shoot 115 gr.
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    I've read some pretty good reviews on it, was actually thinking of getting one so my N-PAP wasn't lonely. For right around $200.00 for a steal firearm it seems like a good deal.

    They come with 1 mag correct? Maybe you have a dud, you could try another just to be sure. Century isn't the best at their warranty repair...
  6. SWAGA

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    Can you be more specific as to what the problem is?
    Does it occasionally stove pipe?
    Is it every round?
    Does the extractor not grab the shell?
  7. ajole

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    NE Utah
    I have a Chinese 9mm Tok, it wouldn't eject right.

    After I replaced the missing extractor spring, it worked fine.:p
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    Dang commie guns are worthless. ;):rolleyes::D:sarcasm:
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    Wait do you mean commie or Russkie?:rolleyes: :stir:

    Sorry had to do it... I'll stop now...
  10. How many rounds have you had through the gun?
  11. I thought they came with two mags.
  12. planosteve

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    Commie, Russki same thing.
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    Let's just call it Crusskie.
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    They come with 2 mags. I've only put 50 rounds or so through it since I got it and that gave me a pretty good workout. It will fire a couple of rounds then jam with the slide open. The empty case for the fired round will still be in the chamber with the next round from the mag pushed up against it causing it to jam. I drop the mag, clear the spent case from the chamber, then try again. After I got it back from Century for repair it did this 7 times in 2- round mags. It has to be an ejector problem. I just wonder how many times I'll have to send it back before they fix it.
  15. Rachgier

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    Could be a chamber tolerance problem, could be the extractor, could be an ammo issue. I wish I could help beyond stating the obvious of putting boot to butt on century to take care of you.
  16. I think you should put at least two hundred rounds through it before sending it back. Fifty is not enough break in.

    Lock the slide back, and leave it back when stored for about two weeks. Load the magazines, and leave them loaded all the time except for when shooting. Your problems are simular to problems with Kahrs, Kimbers, Diamond backs, and of course High Points. I have heard of Kimbers needing a thousand rounds to break in, they build them too tight.

    Plus white box, and metal case ammo is known for problems with some guns, especially on break in. The older surplus guns had the benefit of being broke in.

    The extractor mostly yanks the case when the ejector hits the case. My SMC380 shares the same extractor with a PA63, they are identical. The case head on the 9X18 is larger than the case head on the 380 so the extractor on the SMC is barely grabbing the case, yet the gun functions flawlessly. But I bought it used and it was broken in.

    The 88 is a new gun, and I would imagine tighter tolerances than the soviet block toks. I would buy a 4 boxes of good quality ammo, then follow break in procedure. New guns of any brand tend to function better with ammo slightly on the hot side.

    This suggestion I made to our vet to clear up her Kimber problems. But she was disappointed because she bought a 9mm Kimber for cheaper ammo. Buy 1400 dollar gun, and then buy cheap ammo, oy vey. I can understand in your case buying budget ammo, but budget guns are sometimes more finicky than higher priced budget guns.

    I would not buy a 88 because of the safety, I am used to safeties that are flicked down to fire instead of up. It is the number one reason that has kept me from buying a SR22.
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    NE Utah

    NO, they aren't. That's like saying all German stuff is NAZI, or that all Christian stuff is Catholic.:cool:
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    I think they're just poking you now Ajole. While I agree with you it is still funny!!:D
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    The worse guns I ever owned:
    #1 - Lorcin .380
    #2 - S&W 10mm Sigma (one of their early 10mm's)
  20. Kiln

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    You could also take a brass brush and a cordless drill and go at the chamber for a few seconds with it to polish it. I've done it once or twice before.

    It's too bad, the zastava guns are beautiful in my opinion. Since they're all steel and built to pretty tight Tokarev tolerances, I'd give it another hundred rounds before doing anything drastic and then try polishing the chamber.