me? no thanks... and you?

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How many hours of tv do you watch in a week?

This poll will close on Feb 7, 2106 at 1:28 AM.
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  1. Kelotravolski

    Kelotravolski Member

    So I do something that is not common to most Americans; well I should really say that I don't do something that is common to most Americans. Anyway the point is I do not watch TV. Yes you heard my correctly I do not watch TV at all. The only reason why I have a TV is for movies.

    So here is the question:

    How much TV do you watch.

    I figured we are all gun owners here and most of us have at least similar outlooks on life. (you can vote too neo) So I was wondering how different our Tv habits are.
  2. Space

    Space Member

    Well if you watch movies on TV doesn't that count?

    ...or do you mean the inane drivel that they have on commercial TV?

    I do a LOT of work on the computer at home (I'm a software developer) and usually have the TV on in the background tuned to some news channel. The only real time that I sit down and watch TV uninterrupted is when watching a movie.

  3. We just love the warm glow our TV puts out. It is almost always on.
  4. browwiw

    browwiw Member

    I rarely watch television anymore, except to watch movies (and I do have a fairly nice home theater set up). I almost exclusively listen to NPR, now.
  5. I voted one to two, even though while I am at work (when working I live on a drilling rig, with my office being part of my living quarters) the tv is almost always on to break up the drone of the rig motors in the background. when someone comes in and askes what I am watching, I usually can't answere them.
  6. Ari

    Ari Guest

    I have no idea how many hours I watch a week it is always on. But I spend more time here.
  7. Normally none. This week, though, it's been more than 5 probably. :shock:
    They were having an X-Files marathon on the Sci-Fi channel yesterday.
  8. Kelotravolski

    Kelotravolski Member

    I did not mean movies on tv I meant popping a DVD in.

    Maybe I should have made more options on the poll. I thought five was a ton.
  9. I don't actually watch the thing. I'm kind of a news junkie, so I turn it on when I come in. It's always on a news channel, or History, Discovery, etc.

    I don't have any regular shows I watch, and I'm never just watching TV; it's just on in the background while I do something else. I'd go mad if I actually had to sit and watch it...
  10. Mike_AZ

    Mike_AZ U.S.S. Member

    What difference does it make whether you're watching The Matrix on DVD or if it is being broadcast to your TV from the cable company?
  11. Kagern

    Kagern Guest

    1-2. The only TV I own is hooked up to my computer for DVDs, the only time I watch 'TV' type TV is when I'm having dinner with the folks. They always have something on. I should note that we never watch 'live' TV, hehe. They have a DirectTV/TiVO, and 99% of the time they record stuff and watch it later so that you can skip the mindless commercials that people put out these days.
  12. Kelotravolski

    Kelotravolski Member

    commercials. so is it watching tv if you pop in a dvd? if so I probably watch an hour a week. but if that is watching tv is it watching tv if I pop a movie into my computer?
  13. Mike_AZ

    Mike_AZ U.S.S. Member

    So, I'm not watching TV if I'm watching the movie on HBO? Or I'm not watching TV if I have a tuner card in my PC? What if I have a DLP projector instead of a TV set? Also, What movies are you watching that are only an hour long?
  14. ralphb72

    ralphb72 Member

    But then, how do you watch football?? I am watching these two crazy teams right now play football on in the driving snow. Guess they don't have a dome wherever they are playing. It looks pretty funny.
  15. urotu

    urotu Member

    That's the frozen tundra of Lambo Field, in Green Bay Wisconsin, my man. That's classic Green Bay football weather, and the Titans got spanked.

    Other than football, I watch about 3-4 a week. I watch Lost, when it's on, and I also watch Supernatural with my son, fun show. We might catch something else here and there.
  16. neothespian

    neothespian Member

    I didn't watch any at all until we found out the place we rented included cable! But, it's not like it's anything special, and not so thrilling. Still all the same:

    -History Channel
    -Discovery Channel (LOVE Mythbusters and, of course, Cash Cab)
    -G4 (Only because they play Ninja Warrior and reruns of cops)
  17. elguapo

    elguapo Guest

    The only show I watch on "Regular" television is Jericho. The rest of it, full of commercial, quasi-reality TV, being voted off by ingrates has no luster for me. Thankgoodness I have cable, wich has History Channel, Discovery, The Military Channel, Speed, and SOME other channels.

    I put down two to four, and like Ari: I am mainly here.

    However: I do "listen" to DVDs while I drive for work. I dont watch them, but turn them on to make the day less boring. I have listened to all my CDs and Most of my DVDs by now.
  18. Depends on the TV season... 24... Lost... Jericho...NCIS... The Unit... CSI... Man vs Wild... Survivorman ... MythBusters Many hours I must be a Potato! :?
  19. Jarhead1775

    Jarhead1775 Guest

    yeah, I watch the following every week thanks to Tivo:
    guns & ammo TV
    Shooting USA
    American Rifleman
    Personal Defense TV
    the military channel
    History Channel
    Foxs News
    Weather channel
  20. So... what about between 5 and 168?