Me, or the P22?

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    Hello all!

    Had a nice, cold range day today, the first time since the snow flew last year. These were some ups, and some downs...

    I've got my tremors pretty well under control, with my groups on my AR down to nickel size at 25yds, (more of an improvement then I can to acknowledge). However, I'm having a problem with my P22...

    With my P22 (3.4" barrel, stock sights) I can keep a grouping 1-1.5" WIDE at 25(EDIT: said yds, meant feet. Would be rather impressive though P)... However, they are in a band going up and down 6-8" inches, with the top being the middle of the bullseye. They are concentrated at the top of the band. I could understand them all being just below the bullseye (for some reason it decided to put on the tallest front sight it came with), but the variance concerns me... Is this something I'm doing, or do the velocities on my Remington Golden Bullets vary THAT much out of that little 3.4" barrel?

    Any thoughts?
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    the slower the velocity the more acurate the round will be, id try another round before I goy any concern.

  3. .22's are extremely finiky about what ammo they will shoot best with, and .22 ammo has such a wide range of tolerences its really hard to believe some are even sold to the public.

    Best suggestion is get as many brands/types of .22 ammo you can and sit down and shoot to see what your pistol prefers. My expierence with Rem Gold Bullets is that its ok for wasting money on and plinking at tin cans when it does not dud or cause feeding issues.

    I like to sight my short barrel .22 pistols in at 15 yards (45ft) and do most of my plinking type shooting at that distance.
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    Try a different ammo first. I have a 10/22 and a s&w 22a and neither of them will shooot those remington golden bullets worth a crap. Switched to federal, and have nothing but good times.
  5. The Remington Goldrenbullets are cheap and good if you want to throw a lot of lead downrange. One of my favoirte things to do is load up the Marlin 60 (tubefed) with 15 rounds of that and just let them fly. Very gratifying.


    very dirty too. I have noticed in my Heritage 22 that they don't give me quite the accuracy that I want from a target pistol. I haven't found any duds in the last box of 550 that I bought yet, but I would want a more consistent round if I was shooting for competition or if I was trying to impress somebody.
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    Though I would try a few kinds of ammo. The P22 is not really designed to be a target pistol. My best friends wife has one I have shot a bunch. He has a Browning Buckmark that I have shot along side the P22. Needless to say the groups you are getting do not surprise me.
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    For what it is worth, I ended up giving my remington ammo to my cousin and his marlin eats it up. The federal stuff works better for me for bulk ammo.

    As I believe Thay stated, slower ammo is more accurate in the .22's. Look for something with a lower velocity, or some subsonic ammo if you want the best accuracy. Any of your bulk ammo that I have seen in stores is high velocity stuff.
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    How many are you shooting during a single session? I wonder if the barrel heating up is causing the POI to climb as the barrel heats up. I dunno wha to suggest, maybe try it from a rest and see if there is a change. I have two P22s and while the are not even close to target pistols, I have not had that much of a change in groupings with either gun. I use Remington GBs as well and have put a whole bulk pack box through he P22s during one range session between the gf and myself. I've had more issues with the mag safety disconnect and the safety lever than I have putting rds down range.
  9. Try bench / different ammo be my first guess. I have P22 and the range of performance of same ammo, same box is amazing sometimes. At times, I wonder how some of it even cycles the slide. Good news, up and down means you're not pushing the gun to the side when shooting - so that's not a bad thing.

    Although 22 is low kick, do you think you might be anticipating the shot a bit? This might show up as up/down drift. The fact that the TOP is in the bullseye where you are aiming, and some are lower, you may be anticipating, and PULLING the gun down right at / before the actual shot. Bench shooting can help problem solve this. Dry firing can help solve this.
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    try a bench rest with varying brands of ammo. find a clamp and lock it down to really find out..

    the problem with the height variance makes it sound to me like you're not keeping a correct sight picture, looking at target instead of sights, an easy thing to do. then again, I don't know your shooting habits.

    A friend's p22 i shoot occasionally is not all that anyway, I was never impressed with it from an accuracy standpoint