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Measure 114 Oregon

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From the comment section of the below video.
Darran Wardle
1 day ago
I am a dealer in Oregon. The state police just yesterday sent us a notice saying they will stop the processing of background checks on the 8th and will not continue to process the 35,000 background checks they are behind until the gun buyer has a license. This is what happens when we are quiet and the liberals are loud.

This gun control goes into effect 12/8/2022

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I looked up this information on the tyrant Oregon Measure 114. Citizens are allowed to keep 11 to 40 round magazines (or drum magazines) in Oregon who already own them and can only possess them lawfully in their homes or use them at a firing range, in shooting competitions or for hunting as allowed by state law after the measure takes effect. (How are they going to know if someone went out of State and bought magazines and brought them back in to Oregon? It is another stupid, tyrant feel good law.) Some Sheriffs in some counties said they are not going to enforce the magazine capacity laws as they violate the 2nd Amendment. If you live in Oregon look up what your local Sheriff has said.

The permit to purchase in Oregon has been placed on hold until January 5th 2023 I believe. It might be January 4th or 6th 2023.

I hope these tyrant laws in Oregon get over turned in the courts but it may take years for them to get to the Supreme Court if they ever get there. Keep fighting for liberty Americans in Oregon!
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I was just watching footage from the large insurrection 2020 riots today. Then I hear ignorant or stupid people say: "No one needs a twenty or thirty round magazine for self defense." In those situations I am sure many people would want full capacity magazines for defense over ten round crippled capacity magazines.
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