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Measure 114 Oregon

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From the comment section of the below video.
Darran Wardle
1 day ago
I am a dealer in Oregon. The state police just yesterday sent us a notice saying they will stop the processing of background checks on the 8th and will not continue to process the 35,000 background checks they are behind until the gun buyer has a license. This is what happens when we are quiet and the liberals are loud.

This gun control goes into effect 12/8/2022

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It passed because 25,001 voters didn't vote against it. It's a voter issue. Or they did not vote for the right candidates etc. MN was the same issue.

It sucks for the people who have to live in an area like that.
12,501* 😉 🤣

Man as wonky as elections have been going lately? Even the LSM thought the red wave was coming and were legitimately confused how the democrats kept it so close.
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And the gas prices are lower than Washington :ROFLMAO: but then again, this was a "make jobs" thing... and recently Oregon passed "pump your own gas" thing but Legislature went to say only in counties with under 40,000 residents and if there isn't an available attendant :rolleyes:

Anyways. We are expecting appeals from State and from plaintiffs on these decisions, and probably the State Circuit will go all the way to Fed District on appeals because Oregon Supreme Court is full of Leftist activist "justices", and then there's the 9th District.. who literally thumbed their noses at SCOTUS Bruen and punted Bonta (mag ban for CA, applicable to Oregon and WA) back down to Judge Benitez :rolleyes: we shall see what happens....
Well, keep in mind the fact that NY is on pace to be totally responsible for universal constitutional carry with how bad they shit all over SCOTUS after getting their peepee's whacked.
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