Meet the custom Hi-Point you should never, ever replicate

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    In what is likely a monumental case of internet trolling, an Imgur user posted shots of what has to be the most epically foolish and unsafe Hi Point ever made.

    “This is the Hi-Point JHP Block II,” writes user Monkeymasher. “It has become a project of mine and a friend (the owner of this beautiful piece of American engineering). This is the product of our dreams, as both of us have thought of doing this for the longest time.”

    According to the laundry list of improvements the otherwise elegant MKS polymer and Zymak product has been updated with are modified 1911 mags, a “custom stippled handjob,” a custom finish and a hand-fit tactical barrel extension and a single chamber muzzle brake– dubbed the “T-Brake” which looks like it is made from 1/2 inch copper pipe (which you probably shouldn’t use on a firearm for any purpose).
  2. I want to see the barrel extension explode

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    There is video of them shooting it in the link.
  4. damn, didn't explode. I guess less pressure with black powder
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    I've seen worse and works....
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    Yes it did...kinda sorta but not exactly catastrophically.
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    without the copper extension it's actually not a half bad looking pistol
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    Where hi point meets steam punk...
    I'm supprised they didn't put a gauge on it somewhere

    And I will bet I can sweat a nice stock for a rifle out ta 1/2 in copper post shtf
  9. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.