Meet the newest addition to my family

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    I purchased this puppy because it was cheap. It is a JC .40cal. I am still working on making my Hi-Point collection bigger. I love HPs' products and I am going to collect enough of them that my kids will have 1 of every model that HP makes. So I am buying these things up so the wife,myself & our 2 girls will have 1 of each .Plus I am going to get an extra 1 of each to do some custom things to. I couldn't pass this one up for $45.
  2. Man you got that one at a steal, what kind of shape are the internals in?

  3. Sometimes you just have to buy--Great Catch!
  4. And I don't care what anyone says, to me they are nice looking pistols.
  5. What a deal!
    What a collection!!
    What a family!!!
    What a wife!!!!

    My congratulations on all of the above!
  6. pjm204

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    i do like the looks of the old ones better
  7. hp4lyfe

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    man lucky s.o.b.
  8. Yep, you are a lucky man, lol.
  9. I would not even think at $45!!!! Nice find!!
  10. I woulda snatched that up in a hot second too! Good find!
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    i've never seen one with the older grips. i like it much better.
  12. p7196

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    I didn't take time to think about it. I snatched it up. I also went and picked up my new 995 and a new HP380.
  13. Now there is such a thing as getting carried away you know....................except when it comes to guns that is :) Congrats!