Megastar Help

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  1. I've got a Star Megastar .45 and it's having some feed issues. the shells sill jam in the bolt-face and with the nose of the shell lodged against the top of the barrell, at about a 45 or so degree angle. I've polished the feed ramp, filed all burrs on the mags, and polished and lubed the bolt face as well as dismantled/reassembled and lubed the extrcator arm,m and everything seems to be ok, I've inspected the whole thing together as well as dismantled and can't seem to find any reason for this to be happening, I even suspected the rounds themselves and changed brands and am still having the same problems. the rounds don't seem to have much stopping them because i can barely push the underside of the shells up with my pocket knife and they slam right into place. this doesn't happen all of the time usually the first couple of rounds feed fine and it will jam on the 3rd or 4th round, sometimes it doesn't happen at all, and sometimes it will jam every single round even with different mags. can anyone help me????

    If needs be I will post some pics of how they are jamming