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    I was hoping that one (or more) of the knowledgable members could help me figure something out. In the great state (?) of South Carolina this is the law that I'm trying to clarify;

    Yet nowhere am I able to find a list of firearms that are illegal, no gun shops are able to tell me definitively which guns are illegal, and I haven't found any sort of listing online that tells me what guns have frames that melt at less than 800 degrees. I've been in a store with a JA-9 in stock that says HPs are on the list. I've bought two HPs and those stores tell me Lorcin/Phoenix/Raven/JA are on the list. Everyone has an answer, but no one has it in writing.

    Has anyone else come across here or in another melting point state, and what were you able to find? Thanks for your help.
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    well.. newer Hi-Points have polymer frames.. and since Glocks and XDs arent contraband, neither would the newer Hi-Points...unless people are singling them out cuz theyre cheap.

    the older Hi-Points, those have metal frames.. and i dont know if they were steel, aluminum, or Zamak-3 which depending on which alloy variaton is used has a melting range from 708-903F.

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    Nobody has an answer or a link?
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    I would post the law, but it may be found to be disturbing because it's inaccurate when you copy/paste straight from SLED.
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    It's mean to not let you know that I'm on the up and up on the firearms laws in South Carolina, so I will let you look it up yourself. Only because you still are a fellow South Carolinian, a fellow upright citizen, and a firearm owner. Truce?
    Title 23
    Chapter 31
    Section 180
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    Boy howdy. Thanks for that insightful info... Except that in the opening post of this thread I quoted 32-31-180. Thank you for confirming what I already knew.

    For anyone who is interested, I recieved a copy of the document that SLED provides to all FFLs in South Carolina a couple weeks ago. All 19 pages are scanned into my computer and I'd be happy to make it available to any member of this forum via PM or e-mail. Alternately, if the good members here would like it posted on the forum, I'd be happy to do that as well.

    EDIT: It might be a good idea to tell you what the document is. This is the SC hit list of handguns that aren't allowed to be sold over the counter in this state.
  7. That list only applies to dealers having these "Saturday Night Specials" in their stock or for sale.It does not restrict an individual from possessing one of these.

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    Hi Points will pass on this law anyway. So buy and shoot in confidence!
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    I really like the Gunsafe software........ my only grip is that it does not list 45GAP as a caliber and will not accept typed in answers.
  10. :blink: Wat???