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Re: "Cash for clunkers" another agenda scam

The engines of TRADE IN CLUNKERS will be destroyed. But it is to STOP THE GREEDY from trying to resell those sames cars back into the program so that another tax credit can be applied in which dealerships would pass around vehicles that give back the highest payoff return.

I know what you are going to say, But you have to have ins for a year and the car has to be tagged for a year.

Yeah, and noone can get around those. Right?

Noone is killing the used car market. They are simply putting in a measure that keeps those cars turned in from being shuffled around in a shell game.
You don't have to trade in your clunker either. it's something you can do if you choose to do it.

I personaly think the CARS plan is a bad idea because people who are trading in the cars are generally doing so under the idea of saving money on fuel efficiency, but the reality of taking on a NEW higher interest rate loan, to save 38cents on gas isn't financially sound. Going into debt for the potential of saving tens of cents, or maybe $500 a year when you are paying out $2000 a year in new interest is just rediculous.

BUT it serves 3 purposes. It advances fuel efficiency as a primary focus of purchasing automobiles, which moves the whole market in one direction not unlike the 70's.
It puts NEW money back into dealers hands and auto makers hands and modestly stimulates the economy from insurance to aftermarket purchases of pine tree scenters hanging off of rearview mirrors,.
And thirdly, people feel better and more confident when they have a new'er new'ish car. They will drive a little more. show it off. Spend a little more by roadtrips and visiting friends to show the new car. Thus increasing consumer confidence that things are getting better because people "have new stuff".

For the country, it's a low impact boost that doesn't put too much money in anyones hands. and so for some people who can't actually GET a new car because they have credit issues, CARS almost gurantees you can get a new car.

And you can buy a USED car with the CARS credit. I actually talked to the dealer about trading my 2001 v8 triton expedition for a 1999 Maxda light pickup, AND a 2006 Dodge Caliber. They said it was no problem, but to buy two cars on one credit I had to have a second buyer, or coborrower and another $1230 to add to the downpayment. I decided against it because my insurance would have gone up $60 a month to add the light pickup.
So go to a dealership and ask some questions guys.

You are all smart guys! I've read other posts.
What's with all the doom and gloom on here of late? Optimism isn't Socialism! Giving a "thing" a chance to do good isn't liberalism!

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Re: Top 4 vehicles traded in for "Cash for Clunkers" SUPRISE Fords...

I've always owned American cars. Except for two. Just good neighbor policy. Mostly Fords now that I think about it. I didn't know Fords were socialist-mobiles. Somebody better tell em.

First car: 1970 Buick Century 4 door Custom. Guy told me if I could get it running I could have it. I had a $1200.00 car buying budget for my first car. So I chose the free one. Spent $800.00 getting it road worthy. Good car.

Second: 1982 Ford Mustang LX that had the original motor pulled and a 5.0 plugged in. Hard to drive. Had to put two salvaged carburetors on it.

Third: Ford Escort wagon 4 speed. It ran!

Fourth 1990 Toyota Tercel Coupe. First and Last new car I have ever owned. Head warped after 38 days. Cost me $1800.00 in repairs since the head wasn't on the extended powertrain warranty.

Fifth: Plymouth Turismo. Bought from Cousin. Great car.

Sixth: Ford escort wagon.

Seventh: Ford Windstar. It caught fire from the wiring in the dash. They said I ignored the recall by moving to Florida. So I had to pay for it.

Eigth: Post Divorce Car. 1986.5 Toyota Supra The first import model Supra with a turbo. God I miss that car.

Ninth: Ford Tarus. It ran.

Tenth: 1978 Ford Crown Vic. The taurus and me got t-boned, and the tow truck guy came to the hospital and said he would trade me the Taurus for the Crown Vic. Sold it 4 months later to a guy who needed to rear end for a dirt track car.

Eleventh: 1998 Buick Century. It ran GOOD.

Twelve'th: 2001 Ford Expedition EB. I like it. I have carried so much stuff in that truck it shocked me and everyone who saw it. Once you get rid of the air ride system and slap in some big ole springs, it handle more like a truck than a luxary SUV.

I don't know what I will get after this.

Maybe a Honda Ridgeline, or a Toyota Tundra. Seems like so many of you great Americans are driving foriegn cars, I wouldn't wanna keep throwin money into a sinking ship you know.
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