Merry Christmas, Dad!

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  1. I'm just finishing up these grips for his 1911:


    They're walnut burl with aluminum inserts to strengthen the screw holes. The medalions are dimes from his birth year.

    Oh, yeah: he also gets a Hogue grip to keep these slick bad boys under control :D The piece in the back is a chunk from the same burl that these were cut from.
  2. wow, is that cool or what???? You need to let us know how he reacts when he sees them!

  3. Mordecai

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    wheres mine? lol
  4. Sweet, but as a coin collector I look at those Liberty (also called mercury)dimes and think OUCH!!!! You could have sent them to me ;)
  5. Well, they're decent, but not exceptional examples, and I got them on eBay for a total of about $16. I'm lucky that Philly coins from that year are apparently plentiful.
  6. hipoint.nut

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    WOW! Nice Work. :shock:
  7. Awesome work! Dad will love it.
  8. Beautiful work man! Very nice craftsmanship indeed.
  9. that is awsome! I'm sure your dad will be very pleased and very proud too!

    excellent work! congrats!
  10. Farmkid, again you display excellent craftmanship! Great job!

    Are you going to put a clear coat over that burl to protect the burl or just leave it like that?
  11. Ari

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    Nice lets see them on a gun.. they are nice
  12. It already has a satin urethane coat, but in view of your comment, I think it needs a bit of a steel wool job to smooth things over and make it look a bit warmer.

    The dimes were polished, and coated with a gloss lacquer to prevent tarnish.

    And nota bene: the dimes are not yet permanently mounted; I don't have a 1911, and the grips were patterned (carefully) on a pair of grips I picked up at a gun show, but I won't know whether they really fit until the unwrapping, and subsequent fitting ceremony. The dimes will be be stuck in with double-sided tape until I know that I don't have to remake one or both grips :shock:

    And, Ari:

  13. Mordecai

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    How much for you to make me a set of grips like that, as I'm looking to get a Kimber for my B-day in February, and a nice set of grips would be awesome.
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    I wonder what walnut burl grips would look like on a HP.
  15. Farmkid, that is an awesome set of grips there :) Nice work! Hope your dad enjoys them!
  16. Nice job and a great idea. Any father would be proud to be given such a gift!
  17. urotu

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    He's a lucky man.
  18. Too much, when made manually like these were. I'm checking out options for turning my Dremell into a duplicator. If that works out, I'll don my titanium vest and face the wrath that has blasted bushman :)