Merry Christmas

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  1. Hope everyone of you have a very merry Christmas.
  2. Mumbles

    Mumbles Guest

    Merry Christmas from Arkansas!

  3. Happy holidays from Raleigh!
  4. HPHooked

    HPHooked Member

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Helena, MT
  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Lincoln, Nebraska. Take care.
  6. Dr. Dave

    Dr. Dave Guest

    Merry Christmas from Indiana.
  7. Merry Christmas from North Wilkesboro, NC!
  8. Merry Christmas from the snow covered fields of Minnesota.
  9. Merry Christmas from warm and sunny Oklahoma!
  10. It aint warm and sunny. We keep seeing video of the ice storms.
  11. Back atcha from the heart of Dixie.
  12. bud

    bud Member

    Merry Christmas from Kenton, Oh. Home of Leafy Oaks
    Coon Chase. Bud
  13. Merry Christmas from the home of the Pottsville Maroons,1925 NFL Champions.
  14. Merry Christmas from the Great White North, Idaho.
    Mr SNS
  15. Gramps

    Gramps Guest

    Merry Christmas from the "ZOO" too.
  16. Hollman Air Force Base checking in with a Big Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all on HPFF!
  17. Mordecai

    Mordecai Member

    Merry Christmas from New Albany, Indiana
  18. freedom

    freedom Member

    Merry Christmas from St.Louis Mo
  19. Merry Christmas from Missoula, Montana!! What did Santa bring ya? He didn't bring me a 4095. :(
  20. Santa was good to me.
    She brought me an emergency generator for the house, a commercial grade food vacuum sealer, shirt, holster and reloading supplies.